This game changed my life and changed my look at games !

User Rating: 10 | God of War II PS2
First of all I will say that his was my first experience with GoW series.After I have finished it,I have bought GoW1 and finished it also.This game became a part of me.I always liked the game type like GoW.But this is something special,this is what no other game has.If you are a big fan of action/adventure games,then you can find better then GoW2.

Story - 10/10 - The story is the best in the game. ***SPOILER*** It is talking about a man named Kratos,who is betrayed by the Gods and who is know searching for his revenge.At the end of the first part you kill Ares and become more powerful,you become a God,the new God of War.The game is beginning how Kratos is fighting with a giant statue,who got the power of Zeus.After you beat the statue you fight against your father Zeus.Zeus beats you and kills you with the Athena's Sword.But don't worry that isn't the end of the game,that is the beginning.Gaia,the mother of the titans saves you and heals you.After that you are searching for the Sisters of Fate to bring the time back and to come to the moment when Zeus kills you.***NO MORE SPOILER***

This was in a short way explaining about the excellent story in GoW2.

GamePlay - 10/10 - This game play is easy to learn and very fun to use.There is a lot of weapons to use with a lot of fantastic combos and new tricks.There is just one word for it "MASTERPIECE"

Sound - 10/10 - I have heard fantastic game sound's,like Uncharted2 and Metal Gear Solid 4.But GoW2 have the best game sound ever.I have just to say SCEA has done fantastic work again.There is sad songs but there is very good songs who makes you crush everything.

Voice Acting - 10/10 - When you think that SCEA can't make better they can.Every time they make better and better work.

My opinion - 10/10 - You all know that my favorite games ever are GoW series.I love them and I can play them always.I have beaten GoW2 ten times(I'm not laying),GoW1 three times and GoW3 5 times. Play GoW and you will become a part of Kratos a part of The God of War!!!!