Ascension is great game and quite satisfying with updated feel to the control. It feels short for an adventure game.

User Rating: 8.5 | God of War: Ascension PS3
In my opinion I feel that Ascension is a brilliant game, there was an update to the feel of the combat system. The control takes a while getting familiar to since the other god of war games, once you are familiar with the use and feel of the controller it makes things simpler and feel enjoyable battling bosses and enemies. Puzzles are quite challenging the first time you approach them, it takes time and a few attempts but once you have completed them you feel satisfied. it makes you feel like a idiot at times missing small things. Ascension is a great adventure game, the scale of enemies, structures, backgrounds and scenery works well with the game and is visible in previous in other God of war games. The game would have been a bit better if a bit of originality and something new was brought forward in it. The only other thing is the game feel lacking in length, it's a satisfying journey but the length leaves you wanting more.