Ghost Squad is a pretty bad game, but has some good times. SOME GOOD TIMES

User Rating: 5 | Ghost Squad WII
Ghost Squad is a on-rails arcade shooter that is a pretty decent game, you can play it with a Wii Remote or a Zapper, and has a training mode, which includes, a target practice, a terrorist hunt, and another target practice BUT HARDER!!!
Another mode is the regular arcade mode which has a dumb RPG like level system that rewards costumes and guns. There are three missions each with it's own dumb ways to gain GP, or XP. The B button serves as the way to shoot and the A button serves as the "action" button, which is used for defusing bombs, knife fights, and if you be safe, or have danger in a stealth section. The final part is Party Mode, which is four player co-op and has the same missions, but with a twist, there are two new ways to play it, with NInja mode, which serves you as a ninja and ninja enemies and Japanese doors, but has inaccurate shurikan throws, and infinite ammo doesn't help. Paradise mode doesn't change your outfit, but gives you a water gun and changes your enemies to bikini wearing hot women. you have to pump your water pistol too, which is realistic but takes really long to pump, so your open for bullets. All-in-all the 90's like arcade modes has some fun, but leaves you with some odd results....