Great Game. Fast-paced, unique, intresting, but they could of done more. The graphics arent all that great. READ.

User Rating: 8.5 | Ghost Squad WII
This game is fun, like a Time-Crisis game, but with way more achievements. Let me talk about the good parts of the game. It offers calibration with the Wii Remote for more percise aiming. There are tons of unlockables, like costumes, guns, and more areas and enemies in the levels. The gameplay is fun with path choices and interactive moments like defusing time-bombs, capturing hostages, and fending for yourself in knife and fist fights. The shooting is cool with nice sound effects and there is a huge aresenal of weapontry to chose from. The game offers your character to gain in level through expierience points. You gain expierience through quickshots and headshots on your enemy, completing interactive tasks, and completing levels. Once you complete a level, depending on how well you did, the level will increase a level in difficulty, and will give you more paths. Its really cool. This game has a lot to offer for 30.00 dollars. It also offers up to four player co-op.

The bad side of the game is that the graphics are mediocre even for the Wii, the game is very short, most of the guns you obtain are worthless, The boss fights are very simple, but each have a different weapon, and they did not include enough of those interactive fights. Most of its just shootin enemies, which is what you should expect out of a 30.00 dollar game, but they could of made it a fantastic game with more of those fights. You will find the interactive fights to be more interesting. It is a very cruddy game without the WIi Zapper so dont bother if youre not willing to buy the Zapper with it.

Overall this game is sweet with tons of unlockables and fast-paced gameplay, a must have for Wii Zapper owners.