(Actual Score 6.75) Gex 3 is a decent game for PS1, but there's plently of room for improvement.

User Rating: 7 | Gex: Deep Cover Gecko PS
Gex 3 is more than a 6.5 in terms of score, but equally not good enough to warrant a 7 score. So let's go half way and say the game is a 6.75. Gex is full of nice little ideas, can be quiet amusing and tries to add variety. Overall yes the game is good, but however it can get boring after a while. Recommended for fans of similar games such as Mario 64 ect.

The story goes that Gex's old nemesis, Rez, has kidnapped his agent and left her trapped in the media dimension. And so Gex's journey to save his agent begins.

Gex goes through a variety of uniquely themed levels. There's an ice level, fairy tale themed level, anime' themed level, pirate level the list goes on. His abilities are a tail whack attack, bounce attack, karate kick and the ability to swim under water.

The Game Play formula is identical to Gex 3D. I guess you could compare it to Mario 64 and similar games. When you enter a level you are given a list of three missions and you pick which one you wish to do. However even if you pick one mission, you can end up doing another mission if you wish. In the different missions nothing changes in the level. Missions can be just get to the end, find/destroy all of the items such as ice sculptures or complete a mini game in the level. For your efforts you will be rewarded a remote, which you will need to advance through the game. You can also earn a remote by collecting all one hundred Fly Coins in a level.

In certain segments of the level there will be mini games. one mini game will require you to snow board down a hill and attack some evil elves. Another one in the war level which makes you control a tank and shoot enemies. The levels also try to add over means of variety. In some levels Gex will have a cape to enable him to glide, others will make you travel around on a form of transport such as a donkey, tank, snowboard ect. The variety is nice, but that doesn't stop the game getting boring really fast at times.

Also in the levels you can find bonus coins which will open up bonus levels. These are just mini games, usually consisting of collecting/destroying things within a certain time limit. There are also some secret levels where you can play as two secret characters if you have unlocked them. These will require you to pick up all of the coins within a certain time limit.

The game doesn't control very well sometimes to be honest. The camera can also be a pain. But I said "sometimes" and "can be" so it's not all bad. I admire the variety that Gex offers, but there is plenty of room for improvement.

Graphics are okay, I've nothing against them. There is some slow down here and there, but it is forgiveable.

As for sound there are some pretty good tracks in the game. Notably the American and UK release had different voice actors. The American version has the better voices in my opinion. (This is coming from someone from the UK so I am actually being the opposite of biassed here)

So Gex does offer some variety, but overall the game can be boring. It is a good game, don't get me wrong I did enjoy it. There is plenty of room for improvement. Recommend for fans of similar games.

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