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X-Men 2: Clone Wars Cheats For Genesis

  1. Fight Phalanx-Magneto in the Last Level

    What you need to do is defeat all the Phalanx X-Men clones except for one. It doesn\'t matter what order you do it in just so long as all but one are dead. Now, once you\'ve done that, head back down to the very bottom of the area -- the end of the hallway where the Phalanx mech\'s claws turned into your character(s). Now, hit the wall to the left. If you do this, the wall should emit a circle of explosions which circle around twice and into a sort of close-eyed blank-looking smiley face.(Looks like this -> -_-) Now, head back up into the second room from the bottom on the right. This room should have a wall blocking your progression. However, if you did as I said, if you hit this small wall, it should shatter like glass. Walk into the room, and there, you will fight Phalanx-Magneto!
    Note: This does not effect the ending. It is just a nifty little bonus for those of you who like to explore.

    Contributed by: Joseph Collins 

  2. Invincibility

    Effect Effect
    Pause the game, press up+B. Then up, right, down, up, right, down, down, up, B. Unpause game; pause it again and press up+B

    Contributed by: kidgame2001 

  3. 99 Lives

    Effect Effect
    Press C + Down then press Up - Left - Up - Right - Right - C 99 Lives

    Contributed by: Mike Truitt 

  4. Change Characters

    Effect Effect
    First do the Level Skip Code. Pause the game and press Left and C at the same time. Change Characters

    Contributed by: baseballcrazy 

  5. Level Skip

    Effect Effect
    Pause the game,then simultaneously press Left,C.Next, press up,up,left,down,down,right,C Level Skip

    Contributed by: kidgame2001 

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