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WCW Nitro Cheats For PC

  1. Get All Rings

    To get all of the Wrestling Rings, go to the Main Menu. Then press Block, Taunt, Evade, Tag/Focus, Block, Taunt, Evade, Tag/Focus, Help The default buttons would be Spacebar, T, V, Q, Spacebar, T, V, Q, and H.

    Contributed by: MTincher 

  2. Get All Wrestlers

    To get all of the hidden wrestlers, go to the Character Select screen. Next press Evade, Evade, Evade, Evade, Block, Block, Block, Block, Tag/Focus, Tag/Focus, Tag/Focus, Tag/Focus, Taunt, Taunt, Taunt, Taunt, and Help. The default buttons would be: V, V, V, V, Spacebar, Spacebar, Spacebar, Spacebar, Q, Q, Q, Q, T, T, T, T, and H. This will then unlock ALL of the hidden wrestlers.

    Contributed by: MTincher 

  3. Codes

    Enter the following codes at the Character Selection screen

    Effect Effect
    V V V V V V V Q H Big head mode
    Q Q Q Q Q Q Q V H Big head, hands, and feet mode
    V T Q _ V T Q H Instant win (_=space)
    T V Q _ T V Q H Secret rings (_=space)
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ T H Swelling head (_=space)

    Contributed by: Mike Truitt 

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WCW Nitro Cheats For Nintendo 64

  1. Unlock Individual Character

    Use one of the following characters to win Tournment Mode:

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Chris Jericho Alex Wright
    Konnan Barbarian
    Raven Billy Kidman
    Sting Booker T
    Hollywood Hulk Hogan Brian Adams
    Rick Steiner Buff Bagwell
    Kanyon Chavo Guerrero Jr.
    Bill Goldberg Chris Benoit
    Scott Steiner Chris Kanyon
    Lex Luger Dean Malenko
    Chris Benoit Disco Inferno
    Bryan Adams Eddie Guerrero
    Scott Norton Ernest Miller
    Roddy Piper Fit Finlay
    Wrath Horace Hogan
    Curt Hennig Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart
    Scott Hall Konnan
    Alex Wright La Parka
    Billy Kidman Lodi
    Jim Neidhart Meng
    Buff Bagwell Reese
    Ultimo Dragon Rey Mysterio Jr.
    Macho Man Randy Savage Rowdy Roddy Piper
    Kevin Nash Scott Norton
    Dean Malenko Scotty Riggs
    The Disciple Sick Boy
    Booker T Stevie Ray
    Bret Hart The British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith
    Perry Saturn The Disciple
    Diamond Dallas Page Ultimo Dragon
    Bulldog Van Hammer
    The Giant Wrath

    Contributed by: Ugly Joe 

  2. Codes

    At the title screen:

    Effect Effect
    L(x7),C-Left, and Z Big Hands
    Right C - Right C - Right C - Right C - Right C - Right C - Right C - R Button - Z Big Head Mode
    R Button - R Button - R Button - R Button - R Button - R Button - R Button - Right C - Z Big Mode
    C-Rightx4, C-Left, C-Right, C-Left, C-Right, Z Giant head mode
    Left C - Left C - Left C - Left C - Left C - Left C - Left C - L Button - Z Pulsating Head Mode
    C-Leftx7, L, Z Swelling heads
    Left C - L Button - Right C - R Button - Left C - L Button - Right C - R Button - Z Unlock All Rings
    right-C (x4), left-C (x4), R button (x4), L button (x4), and Z Unlock All Wrestlers
    Enter Tournament mode, move the highlighter box to any wrestler, and press: C-Left, C-Right, L, R, Z. His corresponding unlockable will be available. Unlock Individual Wrestlers

    Contributed by: Ben Zetlitz, Mike Truitt, freakunique, ElementalKnight 

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