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Unreal Cheats For PC

  1. Cheat Codes

    During play, press ~ , and enter the following codes, afterwards, press enter again to verify them:

    Effect Effect
    behindview 0 1st Person Mode
    behindview 1 3rd Person Mode
    addbots <Number> Adds the selected amount of bots to the game. There is no limit but too many will cause a crash.
    slowmo (1.0-10.0) Adjust the game speed.(Default is 1.0)
    say <Message String> Broadcasts the desired message to other players.
    amphibious Can't Drown
    walk Disable Fly/Ghost Modes
    fly Fly Mode(Press Jump)
    playersonly Freeze all Enemies
    allammo Full Ammo
    summon amplifier Gives Amplifier
    summon jumpboot Gives Anti-grav Boots
    summon armor Gives Armor
    summon gesbiorifle Gives Bio Rifle
    summon flakcannon Gives Flak Cannon
    summon flashlight Gives Flashlight
    summon superhealth Gives Health Keg
    summon health Gives Health Pack
    summon minigun Gives Minigun
    summon dispersionpistol Gives Pistol
    summon razorjack Gives Razorjack
    summon eightball Gives Rocket Launcher
    summon scubagear Gives Scuba Gear
    summon shieldbelt Gives Shield
    summon asmd Gives Shock Rifle
    summon rifle Gives Sniper Rifle
    summon searchlight Gives Stronger Flashlight
    god God Mode
    flush If you start getting weird garbage graphics on wall textures or creatures, type this to fix it.
    killpawnsbot Kill All Bots(Multiplayer)
    killpawns Kill All Enemies
    suicide Kill Yourself Instantly
    suicide kills yourself instantly
    ghost No Clipping
    open [mapname] Opens Desired Map
    Preferences opens up the advanced options menu where you can change your settings like drivers, sounds, unreal.ini, serverpackages, and more
    feigndeath Play Dead
    summon nali Spawns a Nali
    summon quadshot spawns a Quad Shotgun (unusable weapon taken out of the final game)
    summon tree su8mmons a tree
    summon thrownbody summon a body in the thrown animation
    summon cryopod summon a cryogenic pod
    summon femaletwocarcass summon another female carcass
    summon weaponpowerup Summon Dispersion Pistol Powerup
    summon upak.frozenmesh summons a "frozen" nali corpse[unreal gold only]
    summon babycow summons a babycow
    summon barrel summons a barrel
    summon barrelsludge summons a barrel full of sludge
    summon tarydiumbarrel summons a barrel of tarydium
    summon biterfish summons a biterfish
    summon blob summons a blob
    summon bloodblob summons a blob of blood
    summon bluebook summons a blue book
    summon boulder summons a boulder
    summon box summons a box
    summon brutecarcass summons a brute carcass
    summon cavemanta Summons a CaveManta
    summon chair summons a chair
    summon chest summons a chest
    summon femalemasterchunk summons a chunk of a gibbed female
    summon malemasterchunk summons a chunk of a gibbed male
    summon nalimasterchunk summons a chunk of a gibbed nali
    summon skaarjmasterchunk summons a chunk of a gibbed skaarj
    summon upak.dyingnali summons a d
    summon deadchairmale summons a dead male in a chair-like position
    summon devilfish summons a devil fish
    summon flag3 summons a different flag
    summon flag1 summons a different flag
    summon flag2 summons a different flag
    summon lamp4 summons a different lamp
    summon upak.scoutshp summons a different ship[unreal gold only]
    summon lantern2 summons a different type of lantern
    summon leg2 summons a different type of leg
    summon drip summons a drip of blood
    summon fan2 summons a fan
    summon femaleonecarcass summons a femal carcass
    summon femalehead summons a female gibbed head
    summon femaleonebot summons a female one skin bot
    summon femaletwobot summons a female two skin bot
    summon flagb summons a flag
    summon fly summons a fly
    summon fly Summons a Fly
    summon bubblegenerator summons a generato making bubbles
    summon dripgenerator summons a generator of contious blood drips
    summon giantmanta Summons a GiantManta
    summon creaturemasterchunk summons a gibbed monster chunk
    summon greenbook summons a green book
    summon pheart summons a heart
    summon iceskaarj Summons a IceSkaarj
    summon knife summons a knife
    summon krall Summons a Krall
    summon krallcarcass summons a krallcarcass
    summon krallelite Summons a KrallElite
    summon lamp summons a lamp
    summon lantern summons a lantern
    summon hugecannon summons a large cannon
    summon leg1 summons a leg
    summon lesserkrall Summons a LesserKrall
    summon liver summons a liver
    summon malehead summons a male gibbed head
    summon maleonebot summons a male one skin bot
    summon malethreebot summons a male three skin bot
    summon maletwobot summons a male two skin bot
    summon manta Summons a Manta
    summon mantacarcass summons a manta carcass
    summon upak.marinebox summons a marine box [uneal gold only]
    summon upak.marinedropbox summons a marine box[same as marine box but was made to be dropped [unreal gold only]]
    summon upak.meltedputtle summons a melted puddle[unreal gold only]
    summon mercenary Summons a Mercenary
    summon mercenaryelite Summons a MercenaryElite
    summon moon summons a moon
    summon nalipriest summons a nali priest
    summon upak.naliskel summons a nali skeloten[ unreal gold only]
    summon upak.copter summons a nali that does i dont know what[unreal gold only]
    summon plant1 summons a plant
    summon plant2 summons a plant
    summon plant3 summons a plant
    summon plant4 summons a plant
    summon playerchunks summons a player chunk
    summon pupae Summons a Pupae ( spider)
    summon queen Summons a Queen
    summon book summons a red book
    summon camerabook summons a red book[i still dont know what effect this does]
    summon rocket summons a rocket
    summon biterfishschool summons a school of biterfish
    summon upak.scoutship summons a ship[unreal gold only]
    summon sign1 summons a sign
    summon skaarjassassin Summons a Skaarj Assassin
    summon skaarjberserker summons a skaarj berserker
    summon skaarjgunner summons a skaarj gunner
    summon skaarjgunner Summons a Skaarj Gunner
    summon skaarjinfantry Summons a Skaarj infantry
    summon skaarjlord summons a skaarj lord
    summon skaarjlord Summons a Skaarj Lord
    summon skaarjofficer Summons a Skaarj Officer
    summon skaarjscout Summons a Skaarj Scout
    summon skaarjsniper Summons a Skaarj Sniper
    summon skaarjtrooper Summons a Skaarj Trooper
    summon skaarjwarrior Summons a Skaarj Warrior
    summon skaarjwarrior Summons a Skaarj Warrior
    summon panel summons a skull that can you can walk thru
    summon introship summons a small blue ship
    summon cannon summons a small cannon
    summon upak.scoutpad summons a small lever[unreal gold only]
    summon escapepod summons a small ship
    summon smallsteelbox Summons a small steel box
    summon smallwire summons a small wire
    summon sconce summons a sonce that is made for holding fire
    summon squid summons a Squid (enemy not found in the final game)
    summon steelbox summons a steel box
    summon stomach summons a stomach
    summon stonetitan summons a stonetitan
    summon table summons a table
    summon tapestry1 summons a tapestry with markings on it
    summon thigh summons a thigh
    summon titan summons a titan
    summon tree1 summons a tree
    summon tree2 summons a tree
    summon tree3 summons a tree
    summon tree4 summons a tree
    summon tree5 summons a tree
    summon tree7 summons a tree
    summon tree8 summons a tree
    summon tree9 summons a tree
    summon tree10 summons a tree
    summon tree11 summons a tree
    summon tree12 summons a tree
    summon warlord summons a WarLord
    summon wire summons a wire
    summon yellowbook summons a yellow book
    summon arm1 summons an arm
    summon arrow summons an arrow
    summon sludgebarrel summons an explosive barrel of sludge
    summon iceskaarj summons an ice skaarj
    summon moon2 summons another type of moon
    summon moon3 summons another type of moon
    summon gasbag summons gas bag
    summon infiltration.infil_grenade summons grenade
    summon infiltration.infil_hk69 summons hk 69 grenade launcher
    summon dice summons krall dice
    summon infiltration.infil_M9 summons M9 pistol
    summon infiltration.infil_robar summons robar sniper rifle
    summon seaweed summons sea weed
    summon infiltration.infil_shotgun summons shot gun
    summon skaarjsniper summons skaarj sniper
    summon queen summons the Queen
    summon tree6 summonsa a tree
    set (an item) charge 9999999999 will give u infinite charge for the item u picked
    killall (pawn) will make the desired monster disappear
    pause will pause the game,press again to deactivate
    summon (pawn)carcass will show the desired pawn dead
    summon book will summon a book
    summon monkstatue will summon a statue of a monk
    summon nali statue will summon a statue of a nali
    summon urn will summon an urn

    Contributed by: drxia00, DCLsK, IONO, EDDY555, KFM, CoMmAnDeRZombee, Drunkenlobster, LTSephiroth, Stejpan, treebranch007, Banji_alf, deathflesh12 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
General FAQs FAQ/Walkthrough by Khajiit Rankin 187K

Unreal Cheats For Macintosh

  1. Add weapons, items and enemies to the world.

    Contributed by: Amphitrite 1 

  2. Cheat Codes

    To enter the following codes, press Tab, then enter in the desired codes.

    Effect Effect
    BEHINDVIEW0 3rd Person View During the Game
    ADDBOTS # Add Extra Bots (Replace # with the number of bots you wish to add)
    LOADED All Weapons
    GOD God Mode
    KILLPAWNS Kill All Enemies on the Level
    ALLAMMO Lots of Ammo
    AMPHIBIOUS Never Drown
    WALK Return to Normal Mode from Fly or Ghost Mode
    GHOST Walk Through Walls

    Contributed by: IONO, Amphitrite 1 

Unreal Mission Pack I: Return to Na Pali Cheats For PC

  1. Console Codes

    Press ~ and enter the following:

    Effect Effect
    allammo 999 ammo for all weapons
    god god mode
    behindview0 normal view
    behindview1 third person view

    Contributed by: BlueStar 

  2. Console Codes

    Press ~ and enter the following:

    Effect Effect
    summon <name of weapon/item> Add weapon or item
    Summon CARifle CA Rifle
    walk Flight mode off
    fly Flight mode on
    Summon Grenadelauncher Grenade launcher
    invisible Invisibility
    open <map name> Jump to map
    killall <enemy name> Kill indicated enemy
    killpawns Kill monsters
    ghost No clipping mode
    flush Reset graphics and textures
    Summon Rocketlauncher Rocket launcher
    slomo <number> Set game speed
    playersonly Toggle time

    Contributed by: freakunique 

Unreal Gold Cheats For PC

  1. Various Codes

    These are entered during gameplay

    Effect Effect
    KILLPAWNS All monsters killed
    FLUSH Flushes graphics cache
    ALLAMMO Full ammo for all guns
    GOD God mode
    GHOST No Clip mode
    WALK Normal mode
    BEHINDVIEW 0 Reverts to original view if you use above
    SLOMO Slows or speeds up game. 1.0 is what it normall is
    SUMMON (WEAPON/ITEM) Summon a weapon or item. Like SUMMON EIGHTBALL
    PLAYERSONLY Time is frozen
    BEHINDVIEW 1 Tomb Raider View
    OPEN (MAPNAME) Warp to any Map
    INVISIBLE You are invisible
    FLY You fly

    Contributed by: Robbie Kennedy