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Slam Tennis Cheats For Xbox

  1. Cheat Codes

    You must play a challenge game and get a high score. You have to submit your initials with one of the following letters bellow.

    Effect Effect
    1BH Big Heads/DK Mode
    5CM Crazy mode
    3ES Equalize Stats
    2TD Time of Day
    4IS Unlimited Special Shots
    9AC Unlock all cheats
    7UK Unlock all kits
    6UP Unlock all players
    8US Unlock all stadiums

    Contributed by: Stubz 

Slam Tennis Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Codes

    Get a high score in one of the challenge games, then enter any of the following codes as your name. Activate the cheats in the options/codes menu.

    Effect Effect
    1BH Big Heads
    5CM Crazy Mode
    3ES Equalize Stats
    4IS Infinite Special
    2TD Time of Day
    9AC Unlock all cheats
    7UK Unlock Kits
    6UP Unlock Players
    8US Unlock Stadiums

    Contributed by: Nic_the_Man