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Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: The Official Video Game Cheats For Nintendo Switch

  1. Unlockable Titles

    These are titles that you can earn for your character. Your title is what will be spoken by the announcer in the events.

    Strike out three batters in a row in baseball with your main character Ace
    Win a tennis doubles match without losing a game Buddy
    Knock out your opponent in Boxing in one round Champion
    Achieve a winning streak with two Medley Matches Hero
    Break your own record in Hammer Throw High Achiever
    Do the Long Jump three times without committing any fouls Jump Master
    Score three times in a row in beach volleyball with your main character Lightning Spiker
    Win a tennis singles match without losing a single game Magician
    Perform a return ace in tennis singles Meteor
    Score with a net or edge ball in table tennis singles Miracle Maker
    Take a free kick in Football MVP
    Use "Spurt" in 100m freestyle at least twice Peppy Stepper
    Skunk an opponent in table tennis doubles (shut them out) Perfect Partner
    Skunk an opponent in table tennis singles (shut them out) Perfectionist
    Play Olympic Games mode Prodigy
    Play Olympic Games mode Rising Star
    Play Olympic Games mode Rookie
    Score a hat trick in football with your main character Score Chaser
    Perform all three types of special punches in a single match in boxing Shining Star
    Throw the hammer more than 95m Strong-Arm
    Jump from one rail to another in BMX Stylin' Rider
    Finish the 110m Hurdles in under 12.5 seconds Technician
    Have both you and your partner perform serving aces in one match in tennis doubles Viper
    Move into 1st place only during the final 50m of the 200m individual medley Wild Card

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