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N3II: Ninety-Nine Nights Cheats For Xbox 360

  1. Automatic level 10 weapon

    Successfully complete all online Co-Op Survival mode levels to unlock an automatic level 10 weapon that boosts all stats if your character is level 10.

    Contributed by: GodMakerDivine 

  2. Achievements

    Achievement Achievement
    Score 1000 hits while in the air. Air Fighter
    Score 3,000 hits while in the air. Air Master
    Completed Levv's story Alcor
    Obtain 80% of all accessories. Avid Collector
    Battle your way through the game with the difficulty set at high. Berserker
    Raise your weapon level. Blacksmith Apprentice
    Completed Galen's story Celestial Wolf
    Use your skills 100 times. Chain of Skills
    Obtained a character color variation. Chameleon Apprentice
    Defeat an enemy with the highest orb attack level. Dance of Delusion
    Raise your accessory level. Designer Apprentice
    Complete a stage in network mode. Enter the Maze
    Completed 50% of the total number of stages in network mode Eternal Maze
    Obtained Maggni's level 5 weapon. Fist of Judgment
    Obtained all level 5 weapons. Five Weapons of Lore
    Use the leaderboard. Full-Fledged Adventurer
    Equip accessories in all accessory slots. Fully Armed
    Score 1000 hits. Ground Fighter
    Score 3,000 hits. Ground Master
    Obtained Galen's level 5 weapon. Guardian
    Completed Sephia's story Guardian of the Elders
    Evade 100 attacks. Hair's Breadth
    Completed all the characters' stories Hero
    Block 300 attacks. Impregnable
    Block 100 attacks. Iron Clad
    Completed Maggni's story King of Thieves
    Achieved 50% of Result Rank A Knight
    Execute a skill attack. Learning Skills
    Raise your character's experience. Level Up!
    Obtain 20% of all accessories. Light Collector
    Obtained Sephia's level 5 weapon. Light Dancer
    Achieved 80% of Result Rank A Lord
    Raise your weapon level to the maximum level. Master Blacksmith
    Obtained character color variations for all characters. Master Chameleon
    Raise your accessory level to the maximum level. Master Designer
    Perform 300 flash attacks. Master of Insight
    Equip all active slots. Master Performer
    Equip all passive slots. Mind Over Matter
    Obtain 50% of all accessories. Moderate Collector
    Perform 100 flash attacks. Observant Eye
    Break open a treasure chest. Payday
    Use a unique character action. Respect for Individuality
    Obtained Levv's level 5 weapon. Servant of Destruction
    Obtained Zazi's level 5 weapon. Shadow Dancer
    Achieved 20% of Result Rank A Squire
    Completed Zazi's story Surveillant
    Obtain a recovery item. Time Out
    Use your skills 500 times. Transcended Technique
    Evade 300 attacks. Untouchable
    Defeat an enemy with the highest orb spark level. Wail of Wrath

    Contributed by: R351D3NT3V1L4, Optimus Magnus, Guard Master 

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