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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 Cheats For PC

  1. Easy Take-off

    Press and hold the F4 while flying then press Y. Release both keys and your aircraft will continue to climb without having to put the nose up.

    Contributed by: AllYourBaseBelong2Us 

  2. Fly Without Wings!

    In file select lessons. Select the private pilot checkride lesson and do as instructed. When you have turned to face north (bearing 0.92) keep flying for a couple of minutes until you are over open water, hold the nose down and crash. After you have crashed you will be told that you have failed the lesson and a window will appear to notify you. Click OK and the select lesson window will appear. Instead of restarting the lesson you should click the X in the bottom corner to return to the flight. The plane will now be spinning out of controll, plumeting to hit the water and disappearing. It will repeat this over and over again!

    Contributed by: beanwad