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Leap Sheep! Cheats For iOS (iPhone/iPad)

  1. Achievements

    By completing certain objectives in the game, you'll unlock special awards and titles.

    Leap over 2 stacked sheep. 3rd Time's The Charm
    Play in the afternoon. Afternoon Delight
    Have 5 rams queued up. Backup Plan
    Leap 10 sheep. Balls Of Yarn
    Complete clear the fence in a jump. Clean Leap
    Leap over 3 or more stacked sheep. Crowd Surfing
    Have a ram clear a full row. Cutting It Close
    Leap 2 sheep at once. Double Your Fun
    Flip 2 sheep at once. Dyanic Duo
    Play in the morning. Early Riser
    Have 10 rams queued up. Fool Proof Plan
    Leap out of the screen. General Leap
    Leap 1,000 consecutive sheep. Golden Fleece
    Flip 1 sheep before the fence. Just Warming Up
    Leap over 1 sheep. Leap a Sheep
    Play in the evening. Leap Till The Sheep Come Home
    Complete clear 1 or more sheep and the fence in one jump. Long Leap
    Play at night. Night Owl
    Play all four scenes. Over Achiever
    Have 20 rams queued up. Ready For Anything
    Earn a ram. Ready To Run
    Release a ram. Release The Ram!
    Flip 3 sheep at once. Sheep Spectacle
    Flip 1 sheep. Sheep Trick
    Attain 10,000 lifetime jumps. Sheeperiffic
    Flip while jumping over 3 or more stacked sheep. Sheepil Kneivel
    Attain 7,500 lifetime jumps. Sheeptacular
    Attain 2,500 lifetime jumps. Shepherd Skillz
    Flip the same sheep twice. Show-Off
    Attain 100,000 lifetime jumps. Stupendous Shepherd
    Attain 5,000 lifetime jumps. Super Shepherd
    Attain 50,000 lifetime jumps. Superb Shepherd
    Attain 1,000,000 lifetime jumps. Supreme Shepherd
    Leap 3 sheep at once. Triple Trick
    Leap 50 sheep. Wool Blanket
    Leap 100 sheep. Wool Hat
    Leap 10 consecutive sheep. Wool Mittens
    Leap 500 sheep. Wool Peacoat
    Leap 500 consecutive sheep. Wool Rug
    Leap 25 consecutive sheep. Wool Scarf
    Leap 25 sheep. Wool Socks
    Leap 100 consecutive sheep. Wool Suit
    Leap 50 consecutive sheep. Wool Sweater
    Leap 250 sheep. Wool Underwear

    Contributed by: discoinferno84