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Kartia: The Word of Fate Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Early Kartia Stockpile

    There are 2 chests in the top right corner of the map on Lacryma's Chapter 2. At first it seems impossible to reach before the enemy destroys them, however you can!

    1) Make a Kyau with +1 speed. Make another to act as a decoy.
    2) Have the Kyau start as close as possible, with a spare Kyau and Troy adjacent to it.
    3) On turn 1, just get them all as close as possible to the bookshelf that is touching the chests.
    4) The evil Kyau will kill one chest.
    5) On turn 2, Troy casts Blaze to destroy the bookcase.
    6) The Kyau should have enough movement to reach the 2nd chest.
    7) Collect your reward: 99x Silk + 99x Mithril + 99x World Tree

    Contributed by: KartiaKid 

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