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Get Medieval Cheats For PC

  1. Gameplay Codes

    Type in the following during gameplay:

    Effect Effect
    mphighlander 99 Lives
    mpshoes 99 Souls
    mppos Display Coordinates
    mpfps Display Framerate
    mpomar Fire Shield
    mpbadbreath Freak Artifact
    mpignition Get Keys
    mpturbocharger Get Scrolls
    mpboo Ghost Artifact
    mpbadmofo Go Back A Level
    mpbringthegimp Go To Next Boss Level
    mpkfa God Mode
    mpbandaid Health Doesn't Fade
    mpthewolf Level Skip
    mparmorall More Armor
    mppetrol More Health
    mpglovebox More Weapons
    mpbodyguard Play Takes No Damage
    mplockpick Skull Key
    mproadrunner Speed Boost
    mpironpockets Thief Can't Steal From You
    mpmintybreath Worship Artifact

    Contributed by: KasketDarkfyre, MT0, jeff18mp3