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Gear.Club Unlimited Cheats For iOS (iPhone/iPad)

  1. Google Play Achievements

    This title has a total of 99 Google Play Achievements. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.

    Acquire an AC. AC
    Buy an Alfa Romeo. Alfa Romeo
    Buy an Elite car. All mod cons
    Second tier multiplayer championship legend. Always the bridesmaid
    Construct the Mechanical Workshop. Amateur
    Recruit an employee. Apprentice
    Fire an employee. Backstabber
    Have a large workforce of premium Engineers. Best of the best
    Fast-track several Performance Shop tasks. Better
    Acquire a BMW. BMW
    Construct the Body Workshop. Bodyworker
    Remain in the final tier of a multiplayer Championship. Bringing up the rear
    Join several multiplayer championships. Can't get enough
    Buy a Category A vehicle. Category A
    Buy several Category A vehicles. Category A fan
    Buy a Category B vehicle. Category B
    Buy several Category B vehicles. Category B fan
    Buy a Category C vehicle. Category C
    Buy several Category C vehicles. Category C fan
    Buy a Category D vehicle. Category D
    Buy several Category D vehicles. Category D fan
    Win all stars in multiple championships. Champ
    Hire a premium Engineer. Cherry-picked
    Acquire a Chevrolet. Chevy
    Claim victory in multiple Flash Events. Commuter
    Rank first several times in a multiplayer championship. Consistent champ
    First tier multiplayer championship legend. Crème de la crème
    Participate in a solo race. Do it yourself
    Acquire a Dodge. Dodge
    Perform a long drift. Drivetrain
    Explore the entire Desert area. Dunebug
    Reach the final tier of a multiplayer Championship again. Effort counts
    Have several premium Engineers on staff. Employee of the Month!
    Start your car collection. Enthusiast
    Visit a friend's Performance Shop. Envy
    Further decorate the Performance Shop. Eye for design
    Make your friends work harder. Family business
    Fast-track a Performance Shop task. Faster
    Pimp your ride. First impressions matter
    Race safely repeatedly. Flawless
    Explore further out. Flight of the navigator
    Rank first in a multiplayer championship. Frontrunner
    Drive farther than the Earth's circumference! Full circle
    Construct the Wind Tunnel. Galeforce
    Drive far enough to reach the Moon! Giant leap
    Fill your Performance Shop with decoration. Grand designs
    Upgrade one of your cars. Greasemonkey
    Activate Rewind several times. Groundhog
    Fit new rims. Hot wheels
    Upgrade the Wind Tunnel. Hurricane season
    Decorate the Performance Shop. Interior decorator
    Score 3 stars in a solo race. Intermediate Driver
    Uncover most of the map. Into the wild
    Buy a Jaguar. Jaguar
    Join Jo's Club. Journey Begins..
    Upgrade the Mechanical Workshop. Journeyman
    Fix your car for the first time. Just a scratch
    Reach the first tier of a multiplayer championship. Leader of the pack
    Win every stars in every championships. Legend!
    Score 3 stars in many solo races. Legendary Driver
    Win an impressive number of Flash Events. Long haul
    Activate Rewind once. Looper
    Acquire a Lotus. Lotus
    Drive as far as a marathon! Marathon
    Massively improve one of your cars. Master mechanic
    Explore the entire Mediterranean area. Mediterraneus
    Succeed in Flash Events. Milk run
    Employ a friend. Moral support
    Shamelessly exploit your friends. Nepotist
    Diligently repair several cars. Nip and tuck
    Acquire a Nissan. Nissan
    Complete a race without collision. Not a scratch on 'er
    Perform a short drift. Oversteer
    Reach the final tier of a multiplayer Championship. Participation points
    Pull off a super drift. Power slide
    Activate Rewind many times. Predestination
    Participate in many solo races. Pro
    Upgrade your Body Workshop. Pro Bodyworker
    Score 3 stars in multiple solo races. Pro Driver
    Abandon a race. Ragequit >(
    Upgrade the Tires Workshop. Re-reinventing the wheel
    Join a multiplayer championship. Ready and willing
    Paint one of your cars. Red ones go faster
    Construct a Tires Workshop. Reinventing the wheel
    Deliberately downgrade a car's parts. Saboteur
    Reach the second tier of a multiplayer championship. Second best
    Discover a new part of the map. Silent cartographer
    Hire several employees. Small business
    Participate in several solo races. Solo veteran
    Fast-track many Performance Shop tasks. Stronger
    Keep your cars in good repair. The fixer
    Reach the first tier of a multiplayer championship again. Top tier
    Further upgrade one of your cars. Tweaked and tuned
    Retain first place in multiplayer championships. Uncontested
    Master collision-free racing. Untouchable
    Multiplayer championship enthusiast. Unyielding
    Win all stars in a championship. Victor
    Stay in the second tier of a multiplayer championship. Victory in sight
    Browse another player's Performance Shop. Voyeur

    Contributed by: Eevee-Trainer