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Garouden Breakblow: Fist or Twist Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Unlock EX Missions

    To unlock the first EX Mission, beat all the main missions (53) in the story mode. There's up to 8 unlockable EX missions: All of these will be non-canon matches against Yujiro Hanma.
    To unlock the rest, you simply have to beat the previous one.

    Contributed by: Asran_Ryuto 

  2. Unlock extra characters

    To unlock the hidden characters, beat the following missions in the story mode:

    Stage 32 Bunkerd
    Stage 10 Chin-pi-ra
    Stage 24 Judo-ka
    Stage 17 Kenpo-ka
    Stage 34 Nyosui Tatewaki
    Stage 12 Ya-ku-za
    Stage Ex 1 Yujiro Hanma

    Contributed by: Asran_Ryuto 

  3. Play as enemies in Story mode

    In the "Garo Retsuden" story mode's mission select screen, hold L1 and R1 while choosing the mission. This will make you play as the enemy of the selected chapter.
    Some of the enemy characters are exclusive to this mode:

    Stage 48 (vs Jyoji Umekawa) Jiu-jitsu-ka
    Stage 3 (vs Bunshichi Tanba) Jyoji Umekawa (Judo)
    Stage 6 (vs Jyuzo Fujimaki) Kengo Tomita
    Stage 14 (vs Bunshichi Tanba), Stage 50 (vs Jyoji Umekawa) Koji Kazama
    Stage 38 (vs Kazue Shiina) Kozo Hatanaka
    Stage 36 (vs Kensuke Kudou) Kyoichi Kimikawa
    Stage 49 (vs Jyoji Umekawa) Rogue
    Stage 23 (vs Jyoji Umekawa), Stage 40 (vs Tsutomu Himekawa) Yukio Nishina
    Stage 29 (vs Hikoichi Kurama) Yumihiko Funamura

    Contributed by: Asran_Ryuto 

  4. Alternate Jyoji Umekawa movesets

    In the story mode, Jyoji Umekawa has alternate movesets unplayable in any other mode. To play as them, simply choose him in the following stages:

    Stage 3 (CPU) Jyoji Umekawa (Judo)
    Stage 48 Jyoji Umekawa (Muay Thai)
    Stages 17, 23 & 32 Jyoji Umekawa (Sambo)

    Contributed by: Asran_Ryuto 

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