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Gargoyle's Quest Cheats For Game Boy

  1. Level Passwords

    Effect Effect
    FFFF-FFFF Begin with extra items and boosted attributes.
    WPXF-4BDQ End of Game
    SWXE-CBFJ Final Stage
    DFJG-PLOC Final Town (9 Lives, 99 Vials, 1 Essence of the Soulstream)
    56CD-E67C Final Town (with 99 vials)
    MUPP-JMHW Level 2
    GJ7Q-KLVO Level 3
    SWXE-CBFJ Level 4
    BIF8-BRAZ Level 5
    FWGG-57CY Level 6
    HWTL-90AZ Level 7
    N5AQ-9RZF Level 8

    Contributed by: psykoantwon, Goldbar, Retro, BrodiusMirestone, Colin 

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