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Fantasy Strike Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

    Beat at least 7 opponents in Daily Challenge. 24/7
    Win 5 Ranked Matches. Becoming the Champion
    Complete Survival: 35 Opponents. Bold Survivor
    Reach Silver League in Ranked Mode. Climbing the Charts
    Challenge a Friend to a Friendly Match. Crossed Swords
    Complete Survival: 10 Cruel Opponents. Cruel Survivor
    Spend 5 minutes in Practice Mode. Enter the Dojo
    Collect all trophies. Fantasy Striker
    Win a match against a CPU opponent. Fundamentals
    Stack poison 3 times as Argagarg. Hex of Murkwood
    Perform a 5+ damage combo in Practice mode. Highlight Reel
    Complete 10 matches in Local Play. Just Like Old Times
    Win a round with a successful Yomi Counter. Knowing the Opponent
    Complete the tutorial. Learn By Doing
    Dominate your opponent's wimpy projectile with your powerful one as Grave. Master of Storms
    Complete Survival: 50 Opponents. Master Survivor
    Win 5 matches against CPU opponents. Mastering the Basics
    Summon a Mini-Rook as Lum. On the Rocks
    Complete 5 Standard matches in Local Play. One On One
    Activate the Frame Step feature in Practice mode. One Step at a Time
    Complete Arcade mode with any character. One Story of Many
    Destroy 5 projectiles with Thunderclap as Rook. Outta My Way
    Win two consecutive rounds while in Dragon Form the entire time as Midori. Permanent Dragon
    Play 10 Ranked Matches. Playing to Win
    Win a round with Dragonheart while at 1 health remaining as Jaina. Playing with Fire
    Watch a Friend battle in Spectator Mode. Poking the Eye
    Win a game with a successful Yomi Counter. Saw That Coming
    Perform a 5 damage combo as Setsuki. Speed of the Fox
    Complete Survival: 20 Opponents. Survivor
    Play as Lum 10 times in online modes. The Gambling Panda
    Play as DeGrey 10 times in online modes. The Ghostly Diplomat
    Play as Valerie 10 times in online modes. The Manic Painter
    Play as Midori 10 times in online modes. The Mentor Dragon
    Play as Setsuki 10 times in online modes. The Ninja Student
    Play as Jaina 10 times in online modes. The Phoenix Archer
    Play as Geiger 10 times in online modes. The Precise Watchmaker
    Play as Rook 10 times in online modes. The Stone Golem
    Win your first Ranked Match. The Taste of Victory
    Play as Argagarg 10 times in online modes. The Water Shaman
    Play as Grave 10 times in online modes. The Wind Warrior
    Complete 5 Team Battle matches in Local Play. Three On Three
    Counter-hit the opponent into a 4 damage combo with DeGrey. Truth and Justice
    Normal throw an opponent 3 times in one round without them Yomi Countering, for some reason. You Can't Escape?

    Contributed by: Mookiethebold