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Desperados III Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

    Kill 500 guards. Another One Bites the Dust
    Kill all 3 golden chickens. Chicken Dinner
    Snipe 50 guards with McCoy. Damn Good Marksman
    Earn all trophies. Desperado
    Kill 200 guards using Cooper's double shot. Doubletime
    Kill 10 small animals in one mission. Exterminator
    Defeat Frank. Five Good Shots
    Make guards follow Kate for 1,000 meters total. Follow Me Darling
    Kill 75 guards with Bianca. Good Girl
    Blow up a bridge. Goodbye Colorado
    Meet Frank on a boat. Goodbye Louisiana
    Jump from a tower into a cart of hay. Gunslinger's Creed
    Finish a mission on "Desperado" difficulty. Hardcore
    In the first part of the mission, burn 5 guards at once with oil traps. Inferno
    Kill 5 guards at once with dynamite. Kaboom!
    Execute a plan with all five characters. Like Clockwork
    Decide the outcome of a duel. Lindberg and Hutch
    Return the money to the bank. Lost and Found
    Kill 6 guards at once using only a single skill. M-M-M-M-MONSTER KILL
    Hide 750 bodies. Maneater Shrub
    Complete 5 of the Baron's Challenges. Most Entertaining
    Find a patient for the dentist. Need a Dentist?
    Hide 250 bodies. Out of Sight, Out of Mind
    Take care of DeVitt. Package Delivered
    Interrupt an important healing procedure. Power Nap
    Mind control 25 guards with Isabelle. Puppet Master
    Kill 15 of the hidden Mimimi devs. Seasoned Bounty Hunter
    Earn 90 badges. Sheriff's Badge
    Kill 1,000 guards. Someone Call the Undertaker
    Knock out your father. Sorry Dad!
    Enjoy some cupcakes during a picnic. The Picnic
    Kill 75 Long Coats. They Wear Red Bandanas
    Kill DeVitt. Vendetta
    Kill 31 hidden Mimimi devs. Veteran Bounty Hunter
    Find Wayne. Wait, Did You Say Marshal?
    Kill 50 guards using the environment. Watch Out Below!
    Make someone follow your footprints for 25 meters. Yakety Sax

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