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Call of Duty 2 Cheats For PC

  1. Command to Show FPS

    Shows your Frames Per Second in the game. Useful for benchmarks and likewise.

    Effect Effect
    /cg_drawFPS 0 Display Off
    /cg_drawFPS 1 Simple FPS Display
    /cg_drawFPS 3 Time FPS Display
    /cg_drawFPS 2 Verbose FPS Display

    Contributed by: Animawarrior 

  2. Cheats

    At the main menu screen of the demo enter the "Game Options" and Enable the Console. From there, push your tilde (~) button to bring down the console and type the following:

    seta thereisacow "1337"
    followed by
    spdevmap eldaba

    This will start the demo level with devmap and cheats enabled. This allows you to use any of the commands in game without restriction. When in game, bring down the console and enter any of the commands from below to activate the 'cheat'.

    Effect Effect
    give all Each time it's entered you'll be given 2 different weapons from the demo.
    notarget Enemies ignore you.
    god Infinite health.
    jump_height 128 Moon jump (jump_height 39 for default).
    give ammo Refill your ammunition / grenades.
    timescale .25 Slow motion (timescale 1 for default).
    noclip Walk / Fly through walls.

    Contributed by: Psy 

  3. Devloper 2 - console enabled

    In SINGLE PLAYER / RETAIL VERSION of the game, from the options menu under SYSTEM and select GAME OPTIONS and ENABLE CONSOLE click until YES is displayed. Then click back until you get to the main menu. Type the "~" tilde symbol, upper left character to the left of the "1" key. The console will be displayed, next type "developer 2" omitting the double quotes and strike the "Enter" key. A new menu item will apeear labeled "LOAD" in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. It will take a few seconds before the list of games are retrieved and displayed. Scroll through the list and select a game. Once the game/scenario has been loaded, left click on your mouse to start the sceneario. Once you have reached a point in the game where you have the desired weapons to finish the scenario, bring up the console by typing the tilde "~" aymbol. Now type "give ammo" omitting the double quotes. This should provide a ffull load for all weapons and the max loadout for both fragmentation grenades and smokew grenades. Now that you are at developer 2 level, all level difficulties will be enhanced. Remaining enemies still aftive in the scenario will fire upon you and attack you unless they are tied down by territorial or restrictive code. You may also type any other applicable code. For a list of commands, with the console enabled, type "AI ~ cmdlist" omitting the double quotes and this will list all commands as well as all messages up to that point in the game. Use the "Page Up" and "Page Down " keys to scroll through the list. I do not have a full explanation of all commands and cannot provide support at this time. Please advise me of any discrepancies. I have played all scenarios except for the TANK BATTLES with "developer 2" active and have noted a mrked increase in difficulty over the "developer 0" default level.

    Effect Effect
    developer 2 inreased difficulty level, allows cheats
    god invinciblity
    give ammo provides full ammo loads for all wepons including grenades
    give all random weapon selection loads new weapons

    Contributed by: 0crusader 

  4. Play Any Mission

    Bring down the console in game with your tilde key (the key to the left of "1") and enter the following to play your desired mission. This will allow you to play missions you are yet to unlock.

    Effect Effect
    map 88ridge Play "88 Ridge"
    map toujane_ride Play "Armoured Car Escape"
    map matmata Play "Assault On Matmata"
    map bergstein Play "Bergstein"
    map downtown_sniper Play "Comrade Sniper"
    map libya Play "Crusader Charge"
    map duhoc_defend Play "Defending The Pointe"
    map demolition Play "Demolition"
    map downtown_assault Play "Downtown Assault"
    map elalamein Play "El Alamein"
    map decoytown Play "Holding The Line"
    map beltot Play "Prisoners Of War"
    map trainyard Play "Railroad Station No. 1"
    map hill400_assault Play "Rangers Lead The Way"
    map moscow Play "Red Army Training"
    map tankhunt Play "Repairing The Wire"
    map toujane Play "Retaking Toujane"
    map cityhall Play "Stalingrad City Hall"
    map hill400_defend Play "The Battle For Hill 400"
    map duhoc_assault Play "The Battle Of Pointe Du Hoc"
    map breakout Play "The Brigade Box"
    map rhine Play "The Crossing Point"
    map crossroads Play "The Crossroads"
    map decoytrenches Play "The Diversionary Raid"
    map eldaba Play "The End Of The Beginning"
    map silotown Play "The Silo"
    map newvillers Play "The Tiger"

    Contributed by: Psy 

  5. Unlock Any Mission

    The following cheats will allow you to unlock any mission of your choosing in the mission select screen. Bring down the console with the tilde key (button to the left of "1") in game and type the following commands to unlock your desired mission sets.

    Effect Effect
    /seta mis_10 9 Unlock "Crossing The Rhine" Mission Set
    /seta mis_07 9 Unlock "D-Day" Mission Set
    /seta mis_04 9 Unlock "Fortress Stalingrad" Mission Set
    /seta mis_09 9 Unlock "Hill 400" Mission Set
    /seta mis_03 9 Unlock "Not One Step Backwards!" Mission Set
    /seta mis_06 9 Unlock "Rommel's Last Stand" Mission Set
    /seta mis_08 9 Unlock "The Battle For Caen" Mission Set
    /seta mis_02 9 Unlock "The Battle Of El Alamein" Mission Set
    /seta mis_05 9 Unlock "The Tank Squadrons" Mission Set
    /seta mis_01 9 Unlock "The Winter War" Mission Set

    Contributed by: Psy 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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Call of Duty 2 Cheats For Xbox 360

  1. Make the Commisar kill you.

    On the first stage ''red army training'' after you get the weapons from the table, and the comissar will tell you to shoot the teddy bears. Instead, shoot the bottles and plates, if you shoot four of them, the commisar will get angry and kill you.

    Contributed by: spriter92 

  2. Achievements

    Play a Single-Player campaign mode and accomplish a certain task to unlock these achievements for Gamerscore points.

    Achievement Achievement
    Complete the Basic Training Level Completed Training - 50 points
    Complete Crossing the Rhine levels on Veteran Veteran of Crossing the Rhine - 60 points
    Complete D-Day levels on Veteran Veteran of D-Day - 60 points
    Complete El Alamein levels on Veteran Veteran of El Alamein - 60 points
    Complete Fortress Stalingrad levels on Veteran Veteran of Fortress Stalingrad - 60 points
    Complete Hill 400 levels on Veteran Veteran of Hill 400 - 60 points
    Complete Rommel's Last Stand levels on Veteran Veteran of Rommel's Last Stand - 60 points
    Complete Stalingrad '42 levels on Veteran Veteran of Stalingrad '42 - 60 points
    Complete The Battle for Caen levels on Veteran Veteran of The Battle for Caen - 60 points
    Complete The Tank Squadrons levels on Veteran Veteran of The Tank Squadrons - 60 points
    Complete Winter War levels on Veteran Veteran of the Winter War - 60 points
    Complete the game on Hardened or Veteran with all levels complete War Hardened - 200 points
    Complete the game on any difficulty with all levels complete Won the War - 150 points

    Contributed by: Brokaliv 

  3. Unlock all Levels!

    On the mission select screen in the game enter the following code to unlock all the levels. Make sure you hold both the bumpers while entering this code from the d-pad.

    Effect Effect
    Hold Bumpers, Left, Left, Right, Right, Y, Y Unlock all the Levels

    Contributed by: Vader1990 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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General FAQs FAQ/Walkthrough by Psy 159K
General FAQs FAQ/Walkthrough by antseezee 168K
In-Depth FAQs War Quotes List by Psy 22K
In-Depth FAQs Weapons Guide by Scottie theNerd 152K