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Blinx: The Time Sweeper Cheats For Xbox

  1. Unlock a hidden movie of the developers

    Acquire an A+ or better ranking (S+) on stages 1-1 through 8-4 to unlock a hidden Prize that is a short movie of the developers. This video shows up at the bottom of your Prize list under your ''Collection'' in the main UI.

    Contributed by: Liquid Snake EX 

  2. Unlock the Opening and Ending Movies

    Beat the game to add the opening and ending cinematics to the game to your Prize list under ''Collection'' in the main stage select UI.

    Contributed by: Liquid Snake EX 

  3. Unlock the Ultimate Sweeper

    Collect all 80 cat medals throughout the game to unlock a cinematic of the Kitty girl shopkeeper and the Ultimate Sweeper. Now when you go to the final shop right before the end boss (after the boss rush) the store keeper will have a new item for sale that she found in the back of her shop; the Ultimate Sweeper. For a pricey $90,000 this Level 3 sweeper can sweep all sizes of trash, and alternates fire and ice shots when shooting. In addition, the Ultimate Sweeper also has the power of the sand and freeze models allowing you to sweep up the sand puddles in stage 3 (Hourglass Caves) and the water puddles with trap doors beneath in stage 2 (Deja Vu Canals).

    Contributed by: Liquid Snake EX 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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