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Bayonetta 3 Cheats For Nintendo Switch

  1. Invulnerability.

    After unlocking Pulley's Butterflies item in the chapter one secret mission, combine it with the Umbran Climax item available in Rodin's Shop after clearing normal mode.

    Activating both while equipped turns off Bayonetta/Jeanne's ability to lose hp until 1 of the items is de-equipped.

    Contributed by: sighn02 

  2. Secret Book Stage

    In the Rodin's Treasures menu, wait for the option to buy an old picture book with no explanation to its purpose shows up and purchase it.

    After purchasing it, you have to gather the 3 keys found only in the 3 Ginnungagap chaos rifts in the game.

    After gaining the keys you can select the book to go on a narrated tween Cereza mini-stage.

    Stage 1 Verse 4 1st Key
    Stage 4 Verse 1 2nd Key
    Stage 13 Verse 1 3rd Key

    Contributed by: sighn02 

  3. Raging Demon?

    In demon slave mode with Rodin active on screen press punch, punch, the direction forward facing whatever you're targeting, punch + kick.

    If pressed QUICKLY, Rodin's palm will glow, any enemy he touches will intiate a raging demon-like easter egg technique not listed in his demon slave list.

    However, after performing this please knownit will instantly disable Rodin if the technique lands.

    Punch, Punch,Forward, Punch + Kick together Activates strongest Demon Slave technique in-game.

    Contributed by: sighn02 

  4. Unlock Secret Weapons & Demon Contracts

    Although most weapons and demon contracts can be obtained by playing through the story, there are two optional chapters which allow you to fight extra demons for the opportunity to form new pacts with them and obtain their respective weapons. Clearing Chapter 3 after collecting the three Umbran Tears of Blood from the frog, crow, and cat will unlock Phenominal Remnant 3, where Alraune can be fought. Your first clear of this chapter on any difficulty will earn you a contract with Alraune, and the weapon Alruna. Similarly, Phenomenal Remnant 14 allows you to battle the Kraken, and your first clear of the stage will grant you both the Kraken contracted and their weapon, Cassiopeia.

    Clear Phenominal Remnant 3 Alraune (Demon)
    Clear Phenominal Remnant 3 Alruna (Weapon)
    Clear Phenominal Remnant 14 Cassiopeia (Weapon)
    Clear Phenominal Remnant 14 Kraken (Demon)

    Contributed by: MasterPeteDiddy, sighn02 

  5. Witch Trial Rewards

    Awards for clearing Witch Trials (unlocked after beating the game). Can be worn by Viola

    Clear Witch Trial 2 Little Angles T-shirt (black)
    Clear Witch Trial 1 Little Angles T-shirt (white)
    Clear Witch Trial 3 Nintendo Switch T-shirt

    Contributed by: SuperSamusAran 

  6. Add previous games' guns to the Gates of Hell

    If you have Bayonetta or Bayonetta 2 save data on your switch, Bayonetta's guns from those games will be added for purchase at the Gates of Hell (Rodin's shop).

    Have Bayonetta 2 save data on Switch Love is Blue
    Have Bayonetta save data on Switch Scarborough Fair

    Contributed by: JusticeLeaguer8