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Armed Police BatRider Cheats For Arcade Games

  1. Score Mode

    While playing the game, hold start and press button B. When you do this, a ? should appear to the left of the stage name, and you will then see how much your scoring. When your character blows up, the ? will disappear, so you will have to enter the code again.

    Contributed by: Saikyo Mog 

  2. Ship Selection

    Effect Effect
    Select your ship with B button Bomber Power Type (Strong option, weak shot)
    Select your ship with A button Normal Power Type (Strong shot, weak option)
    Select your ship with C button Option Power Type (Strong option & shot, slower speed)
    Select your ship with the Start button Speed Up Type (Weak option & shot, faster speed)

    Contributed by: Saikyo Mog 

  3. Change the color of enemy bullets

    While playing the game, you can change the color of the shots the enemy will fire at you. There are six different colors you can choose from.

    Effect Effect
    Hold start and press down Changes the color of destructable shots fired at you
    Hold start and press right Changes the color of normal shots fired at you
    Hold start and press left Changes the color of special shots fired at you

    Contributed by: Saikyo Mog 

  4. Title Screen Codes

    When you put your quarter in, the title screen should appear, when the timer starts going down, enter these codes.

    Effect Effect
    Up Down Up Down Left Right Left Right A B Enables Special Course
    Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right A B Unlocks 9 hidden characters

    Contributed by: Saikyo Mog 

  5. Secret Garegga formations

    When using the hidden ships from the Garegga game, you are able to use some hidden formations with the options you collect. In order for this to work, you need at least one satellite, and to let five of a certain item pass by you before you collect an option power-up. Here is the list of formations and what items you need to let pass by:

    Effect Effect
    Let 5 bomber items pass Homing Formation
    Let 5 big main shot items pass Rolling Formation
    Let 5 option items pass Search Formation
    Let 5 score medal items pass Shadow Formation
    Let 5 small main-shot items pass Wide Formation

    Contributed by: Saikyo Mog 

  6. Single character mode

    Effect Effect
    Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A Single character mode

    Contributed by: HikaruTilmitt 

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