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Animal Crossing Cheats For GameCube

  1. Golden Shovel

    vLgJLDjWDaqKdS sGbWaqjRBYM9#7 OR To get the Golden Shovel find a ''glowing spot'' and bury a normal shovel in the hole you dig. A golden sapling will appear. After it has matured you will have a Golden Shovel. When using this shovel you become more likely to dig up better items and larger sums of money from the ''glowing spots''.

    Contributed by: Deflux 

  2. Golden bug net

    jrHT@5A5gviOmB blr%o8hjvzW8Ty OR To get the golden bug net, catch one of every kind of bug.

    Contributed by: Kaboobi 

  3. Getting the Golden Axe

    jrHT@5Y5g@zdmB blrAk8sjvzW8Ty OR To get a golden axe in animal crossing. You will need to have the village in perfect condition for the any 2 weeks you are there. After the perfect 2 weeks are done you will get the golden axe as a present. <br />The Golden Axe Can not be broken. can chop down all trees, etc.

    Contributed by: Mortal Pixel 

  4. Money Tree

    Find a glowing spot, and bury the money bag found from it in that hole. A sapling will appear there now, and within a few days, you'll have a tree you'll be able to shake money out of (money tree).

    Contributed by: Zingela 

  5. Change Background

    Grab a shirt on your inventory and drag it to the bottom right corner on the items list(not the mail list). then go down one space and your shirt should be on an invisible space... press L and the shirt design is now your background!

    Contributed by: King 0f Red Lions 

  6. Get a tan

    If you can go to your island, then go during the middle of the day or when it's most sunny. Then stand somewhere that has no shade and DO NOT move for about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes or more go inside your island house then go back out and you should have a bronze tan. This doesn't work when it's raining. Also if you don't do this again for about a week you'll become pale again.

    Contributed by: Majin Metabee 

  7. Double Your Money

    In order to do this you must first have 2 Memory cards the available space for travel data.
    Put ALL your money into the bank and go on a ''trip''.
    Put the travel data on the memory card without your game on it!
    Take it out and start the game with the memory card that has your town on it.
    It will start as normal but when it gets to the menu where you chose your name you chose yours and then s/he will ask you about using a default character.
    Say yes and then go to the bank.
    Take out all of your money and drop it infront of your house.
    Save and exit.
    Put the memory card with the travel data and s/he will welcome you back from your trip.
    Then they will ask you a question like, ''Do you want to use data from your vistor'' you say NO.
    When you get into the game all your money should be in the bank and the money that your double dropped on the floor will still be there!

    Contributed by: EmperorOfTheDune 

  8. Secret K.K. songs

    You need to request these Songs to K.K to hear them.

    Two Days Ago
    I Love You
    K.K. Song

    Contributed by: king eddy 

  9. Duplicate money and items

    To do this you need 2 Gameboy advances and a GC GBA link cable. First connect the first Gameboy to the link than the link to the Gamecube. Next turn on the Gameboy and go to the island when you get there drop off the money and itemes that you want to duplicate. Leave the island. when Kapp'n asks if you want to save the island to the gameboy say yes. After it saves just put the gameboy off to the side in sleep mode. When you get to the town go up one acer and plug gameboy two in to the link and turn it on. next go back down an acer. Go back to the island and pick up the stuff you droped off. Get back into the boat and tell Kapp'n that you don't want to save the island on your gameboy. Next unplug the gameboy from the link. Then Take gameboy one out of sleep mode. Plug it back in to the link. go up an acer then down again. Talk to Kapp'n again and go back to the island. You should see the money and items.

    Contributed by: choas924 

  10. Get a gyroid-like face!

    NOTE: Before doing this cheat, make sure there is ABSOLUTELY nothing in your inventory(this includes furniture, wallpaper, carpet, fish, bugs, signs, money, cards, ect.). You will also need to have either two separate memory cards, or your memory card and a friend's.

    1. Put your memory card in slot A, and your other/friend's card in slot B.

    2. Go to the train station and tell the monkey that you will like to travel to your friend's village.

    3. When you are in your friend's village, reset the game.(Make sure that you have NOTHING in your inventory, because all will be lost.)

    4. After the game reloads itself, you will notice that your face looks like a gyroid! This is not a glitch, Nintendo programmed it that way.

    5. To return your face to the normal state, either reset the game again, or you can go to your gyroid, save, quit, and turn the game back on!

    Contributed by: thekingofthisgame 

  11. A Special Rock

    Note:You must have a shovel to perform this!

    Every day in your town, there will be one rock that is special. To find it, have your shovel in your hands. Go to every rock in every acre, and hit it with your shovel. One of the rocks will turn red and money will fly out. When you see this, repeatedly hit the the rock with your shovel until it turns back to its normal color. This is an easy way to make over 10,000 bells!

    -The first three times you hit the rock, 100 bells will fly out.
    -The next three times you hit the rock, 1,000 bells will fly out.
    -If you are able to hit the rock more then six times, then 10,000 bells will fly out for every time you hit it.

    Contributed by: thekingofthisgame 

  12. Get as many

    Note: This only works on October 31st at 6:00p.m. to November 1st at around 1:00a.m. in the morning.

    On Halloween night, before 6:00p.m., clear out your inventory so absolutely NOTHING is in it. When all of that is done, take 10 sheets of letters and write stuff on them(Note: no one will ever see these letters and you will most likely delete them after your done with this cheat).
    After 6:00 p.m., your villagers should start ''trick-or-treating''. Walk throughout the acres and when the villagers run up to you screaming ''trick-or-treat!'', tell them you have no candy for them. They will get mad and play a trick on you. Since you don't have any items in your inventory, the only trick they can do to you is to change your shirt into the patched shirt! After they do this, go to your design patterns and wear one of the designs as a shirt. Then take the Patched Shirt and put it in one of the letters(Note: You MUST put the patched shirt into a letter, because the villagers will change it into a jack-o-lantern or jack-in-the-box). Keep going throughout the acres and find your villagers. Repeat the above steps. When you get the max amount of patched shirts in the letters, go to your house and drop them off. You can do this as much as you like.

    Contributed by: thekingofthisgame 

  13. ''Feng Shui''

    In this game, you can participate in ''Feng Shui''. To do this, place all of your red items on the east side of your house, place all of your yellow items on the west side, place all the green items on the north side, and all the orange items on the south side.

    Orange in North= better luck in money and items
    Green in South= better luck in money and items
    Yellow in West= better luck in money
    Red in East= better luck in items

    Contributed by: thekingofthisgame 

  14. Make your character jump in shock!

    Note: You must have the Mouth of Truth.

    Place the Mouth of Truth inside your house. Go up to it and press the A Button. The reaction will cause your characters face to be in shock, and he will jump in fright!

    Contributed by: thekingofthisgame 

  15. The ''Dummy'' Item

    During Winter, (Around December 10th - Feburary 25th), Villagers from your town will set up an Igloo. When you go into the Igloo, you can play games with them, and sometimes win a prize. Sometimes, an animal will tell you that you have won a ''Dummy''. This item was a glitch that was left in the game. It is a white, floating triangle with Red Japanese writing on it. It serves no purpose, and doesn't appear in your catalog.

    Contributed by: Cool mario 6446 

  16. Hear The Full Version Of The OpeningTheme Song!

    Turn on your Gamecube and wait. Right when Porter the monkey appears on the screen (with the game title above his head) open your disc cover. If you opened it at the right time a message will say to close the disc cover to resume the game. Don't close it. Instead, just wait for the ''main part'' of the theme song to play and listen to the ''new'' extended version!

    Contributed by: Zeldas Majik 101 

  17. Transfer items

    Store all the items you want to keep in letters and put them in the post office. Delete your town and start a new game and all the letters should still be in the post office.

    Contributed by: goldenfreak 

  18. infinite work uniforms

    When your still working for Tom Nook he gives you a uniform to wear, instead of putting it on take it outside and drop it on the ground, go back inside and talk to Tom Nook and he will give you another one repaet until you have the number of uniforms you want.

    Contributed by: katman11 


    this trick is used to get very easily obtained money.
    1. plug in your gameboy advanced and go to your island with nothing in your inventory but fruit(as much as possible)
    2. once you get there, drop ALL of that fruit on the ground(make sure your gameboy is on)
    3. when cappn asks if you want to save your island, say yes
    4. on your gameboy(as you return to your town) knock on your islander's door(press &quot;a&quot;) and pick up/drop all the fruit in front of him/her. this will cause them to eat it, and after eating the first 2, he/she will drop bags of money, which can contain up to 30,000 bells!
    5. on the gamecube, go back to your island and pick up all the bags.

    Contributed by: kybotica 

  20. Turnips that don't spoil

    Normally...turnips spoil by the time Sunday comes...but what you don't know, is that turnips don't spoil in the station. If you have any turnips that get shipped to lost and found...they will never spoil. Trick is...getting them there before Sunday. Well, turnips appear in the lost in found when you place them in spots that are dedicated to events and houses. Notice the various signposts in the town? 8 down, surrounding the sign post, cause that is the center of the house or event (Gracie, Red, and Katrina). If you know if any of those visitors are due for a visit, surround each and every signpost with 8 turnip bundles (10, 50 or 100) and on the day they arrive (It has to be from Monday to Saturday...any turnips shipped off to the station on a Sunday will be spoiled) The spot they chose, will send the turnips to the station...and as long as you leave them there...they will always remain unspoiled..this could be useful if you bought them really low (say in the 70s) and instead of selling them for the max cost of 560, you could hold off til a week that sells them for 126 (max of 1008/turnip) Be warned...the station holds up to 20 items only.

    Contributed by: Sneakers 

  21. As many Jingle items as you can hold without the trouble of repeatedly finding him!

    On Christmas Eve, when Jingle comes around there is a way to get as many presents from him as you have room for. 1) Get quite a few shirts and have letters ready to put items in. 2) Find Jingle 5 times so he gives you an item, then, change your shirt and search town again. 3) When you find Jingle, talk to him, and then push him as close to the edge of the acre as he will go. 4) Then, walk into the acre you just pushed Jingle close to, but stay right on the edge of the acre. 5) Now, walk back into the acre with Jingle and if you were quick enough, he will still be right there, so you won't have to go through the trouble of finding him again! 6) Now, push Jingle back towards the edge of the acre if needed and run back out to the adjacent acre. 7) While in the adjacent acre, stay close to the edge again. 8) Now, quickly pause the game and change your shirt to something totally different. 9) Now, run back to the acre with Jingle and talk again. Repeat steps 3 through 9 until you receive the desired item(s).

    Contributed by: DarkAdept79 

  22. Get items by mailing villagers

    What you have to do is say the little footnote that villager says in the letter. You should get a response with them telling you that they understand your letter, along with a gift.

    Contributed by: Nadnerb 

  23. Trees will grow no matter what.

    If you grow a tree where there was a weed, your tree will definitely grow

    Contributed by: Y2JkicksRVD 

  24. Passwords for mario items

    Tell these codes to tom nook by speaking to him, then tell him other things, then goto say code and then enter these pass words to get rare mario items

    Effect Effect
    #SbaUIRmw#gwkY BK66q#LGscTY%2 ? Block
    IboOBCeHz3YbIC B5igPvQYsfMZMd Block Flooring
    1mWYg6IfB@&q75 8XzSNKpfWj76ts Brick Block
    4UT6T6L89ZnOW3 dw&%jtL3qjLZBf Cannon
    rSbaUIRmwUgwkA 1K6tq#LMscTY%2 Coin
    4UT6T948GZnOW3 dw#%jtLEqj5ZBf Fire Flower
    4UT6T6L89ZnOW3 dwU%jtL3qjLZBf Flagpole
    1mWYg6IfB@&q7z 8XzSNwpfij76ts Green Pipe
    rSbaUIAmwUgwkY 1K6tq#LGscTY%2 Koopa Shell
    QI6DLEnhm23CqH zrUHk3cXd#HOr9 Mario Mural
    4UF6T948GZ3ZW3 dw#%jtLEqj5ZBf Starman
    #SbaUIRmw#gwkY Bh66qeLMscTY%2 Super Mushroom

    Contributed by: Land of GameCubes, Strong Bad 123 

  25. Lottery Tickets

    Go to Nook's shop, and talk to him. Select other things, then say code. Enter these codes for Lottery Ticket Universal Codes.

    Effect Effect
    CHCNeAewl3oy93S7kZNX8NGjHcj4 1 April Ticket
    nfGRXAxRjrhL2qSq7HFVRe7Va5z5 1 August Ticket
    L9ouxTZU@bROenQQVRKia7vjNkGH 1 December Ticket
    CHCNeAewl3oy93S7kZNX8NvjHcji 1 February Ticket
    laY#9VEM3QwokKSh7yUSke2Nqw%h 1 January Ticket
    CHCNeAPw8goa93S7kqNpNuGjjcji 2 April Tickets
    CHCNeAewl3oh9ES7kZNXNuvjjcji 2 December Tickets
    nfMR9AxRj&hL7qDY7pFV7emVSsba 2 January Tickets
    FjZB43wBuFzZbuTt3wy@xsHwwrKS 3 April Tickets
    35nJFNqEMurzrakrRmnR%Kil6ZiZ 3 December Tickets
    FjZB43wBuFzZbuTtrwy@xsiswrKS 3 February Tickets
    ADqYZjC&hSqBMzQooJbIlgoPg#gA 4 April Tickets
    TDqYZHORhDqBMzQuoJBslNoPg#gA 4 August Tickets
    mFCNtQeGyc8y93S2kZ5WluG2jcji 4 December Tickets
    pNEZwiHslHcnExAn86LwABKk#RPA 4 February Tickets
    %aB#9VEM3IwoWKDh7BUSke2NqbA5 5 April Tickets
    cfGR9AxRjUhL2qSq7HFV7emVShK5 5 August Tickets
    L9muxTSwv6RYenL9muxTSwv6RYen 5 December Tickets
    CHCNeAPw8gol9ES7kqNp8Nvjjcj4 5 February Tickets
    nfMR9AxRj&hL7qDY7pFV7emVSsK5 5 January Tickets

    Contributed by: gamemaster414 

  26. Money and Clothes Universal Codes

    Go to Nook's, talk to him, select 'Other Things', and 'Say Code'. Enter these codes, case sensitive to recieve:

    Effect Effect
    iB2&a%eRcgIO7NHOCS3hTkoMHnKp 1,000 Bells
    TkEJUvirn%PG6arZijVSR5qFZLQJ 100 Bells
    QIYoMaYgYJw2DPHHs75r23CtfZqr A shirt
    BLdtgqHXdb2NleyKmfw&HCuog5cC Anju's Shirt
    Q6YoMaYnY%U2DANHhs5r23CdfZqr Bad Plaid Shirt
    oLdteqiflb2N&eyKmfwKHCuov5cC Barber Shirt
    DIYoEsZVtJu2DAJHl7yZy@C8TyqX Checkerboard Shirt
    A6YoE&yVt%UpdPiHGa5Z6@w4TyqX Checkerboard Tee
    m6YoE&ZBt%UpDANHya566@w8TyqX Chevron Shirt
    QIYoEaYntfw2DASHhs5523CdTZqr Circus Shirt
    8LdteZiflznX&xnKTQgajCFyv5cC Citrus Gingham
    NLqJ&@4EnHnltp SEn4tFOwAXndFb Pitfall

    Contributed by: gamemaster414, Edge Master4567 

  27. Holiday Presents

    Get these from Tortimer and other characters on certain holidays/events.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Find Jingle on the day he comes A Jingle Furniture Series Item
    Find Jack on Halloween A Spooky Series Item
    Talk to Saharah, trade her a carpet and give 3,000 Bells Any Rare Carpet
    Talk to Wendell, give him a fish to eat Any Rare Wallpaper
    Talk to Summer Campers (in the yellow tents) Any Summer Item
    On your B-Day your mom will mail you a B-Day cake Birthday Cake
    Talk to Tortimer (at the lake) on the Fourth of July Bottle Rocket
    Talk to Tortimer on Explorers Day Bottled Ship
    Talk to Tortimer on Halloween Katrinas Tent
    Rescue Gulliver Lady Liberty
    Talk to Tortimer on Fathers Day Locomotive Model
    Talk to Tortimer on Mother's Day Lovely Phone
    Talk to Tortimer at the Meteor Shower Moon
    Talk to Tortimer at the Cherry Blossom Festival ( you only get this once!) Pink Tree Model
    Talk to Tortimer on Labor Day Shop Model (Nooks Cranny only!)
    Rescue Gulliver Tiger Bobblehead
    Save 1000000 Bells in the Post Office (deposit money) Tissue
    Rescue Gulliver Tokyo Tower
    Rescue Gulliver Tower of Pisa
    Talk to Tortimer on Nature Day Tree Model (just a plain green tree!)
    Rescue Gulliver Tribal Mask

    Contributed by: Ritzcrackers135 

  28. Clothing Codes

    Go to Tom Nook's store and talk to him. Choose &quot;Say code&quot; and type in these codes to recieve various shirts

    Effect Effect
    guibfDHdcWqmWcZkrTnDUgkjJ&jb Airy Shirt
    RethnfoqGreebYldtineorfreebY Ancient Knit
    guibfAH1ENqmW3ZkrTnDUgdjJ&jb Arctic Camo
    1qWrr6ofBu&q7z8rzSNqofyq76ts Aurora Knit
    1qWwi6IfBeoq7z8XtSNyufyy76ts Bad Plaid Shirt
    ordtgZiXdw6i&e qKAfgUjCuog5cC Bamboo Robe
    s@T@3vbA4RJQfbHhBEttkoHqqld7 BB Shirt
    s@T@3vbA4RJQfbthBEttkoHqqld7 Beatnik Shirt
    guibfAHyEeqmWPZkhTnDUgUjJ&jb Berry Gingham
    aMiBAraLaM1mWb6waTgDLx0jJZBf Big Bro's Shirt
    SyioyyairofsaYSeqnypuirofsyG Big Dot Shirt
    4UFG548uQWQZGflnu%jtLEqj5ZBf Big Star Shirt
    vuTbfAHyC3qmWmZkhTnDUgbjJ&jb Blossom Shirt
    4UTG548pQKQZGfln#%jjLEqj5ZBf Blossoming Shirt
    vuHcfAH%FTqmW#ZkyTnDUgCjJ&jb Blue Check Shirt
    4UFG548QQWQZGFan#%jLL5qj5ZBf Blue Grid Shirt
    8rdteqiflwpi&e ZKFQbaH9Fov5cC Blue Puffy Vest (Fishing Tournament)
    vuTcfAHyCHqmWjZkyTnDUgcjJ&jb Blue Scale Shirt
    4UTG548uQKQZGf1n#%jALEqj5ZBf Blue Stripe Knit
    oLdtgZi%dbni&x nKTWgUjCuyg5cC Blue Sweatsuit (Sports Fair)
    VupDfAH%ATqmW#ZkyTnDUgUjJ&jb Blue Tie-Dye
    aMiBAsaQls1mWgZcGTgDLxsjJZBf Bold Check Shirt
    4UTG548uQ5QZGf1n#%eTLEqj5ZBf Botanical Shirt
    s@T@3vbA4RJQfbehBEttkoH8qld7 Bubble Shirt
    vuHcfAH%FTqmW#ZkyTnDUgqjJ&jb Butterfly Shirt
    1qWyt6IfB@&q7z8XzSNtwfyq76ts Caterpillar Tee
    DontthatseemaYDontthatSeemaY Caveman Tunic
    vCTbf%Fy5MYmWcZk&TnDUgljJ&jb Checkered Shirt
    YoWqy6PfBu&q7z8EzSPtyfot76ts Cherry Shirt
    aMTdTraLVR1mWbOwaTgDLxqjJZBf Chevron Shirt
    VuHcfAHyFTqmW#ZkyTnDUgqjJ&jb Circus Shirt
    HllMazzthemmoYIlljazzthemmyG Citrus Gingham
    vuTbfAHyC3qmWcZkhTnDUgbjJ&jb Club Shirt
    QethnfoqGreebYldtineorfreFCY Concierge Shirt
    ThqPoliceDogIsCopperHeIsCool Coral Shirt
    HlljazzthemmoYIlljazzthemmyG Cow Print
    guibfAHyE3qmWcZkhTnDUg1jJ&jb Cozy Sweater
    guibfAHlE3qmWPZkrTnDUgljJ&jb Crewel Shirt
    RethnfoqGreebYldtineorWreebY Crossing Shirt
    vCTbf%Fy5XYmWcZk&TnDUgojJ&jb Daisy Shirt
    aMTdTraLVs1mWb6waTgDLxUjJZBf Danger Shirt
    QethnfoqGreebYldtineorTreFCY Dapper Shirt
    guibfAH1E3qmW3ZkrTnDUgdjJ&jb Dark Polka Shirt
    4UFG548QQdQZGf1n#%jtLEqj5ZBf Dawn Shirt
    2GiDfAiLrW1mWgZcyTgDLgejJ&jj Deep Blue Tee
    vuTbfAHyCFqmWmZkhTnDUgbjJ&jb Deer Shirt
    guibfDHdENqmWcZkrTnDUgkjJ&jb Desert Camo
    4UTG548QQtQZGfIn#%jIL7qj5ZRf Desert Shirt
    guibfAHdExqmWcZkrTnDUgKjJ&jb Diamond Shirt
    vCTbFPFQcvYmWCZk&TnDUgljJ&jb Dice Shirt
    4UTG548uQKQZGf1n#%jGLEqj5ZBf Diner Uniform
    aMTdTraLV31mWbOwaTgDLxqjJZBf Eight-Ball Shirt
    WzatswrongwitHWhatswrongwitH Exotic Shirt
    HialhyponoticSRealhyponoticS Fall Plaid Shirt
    vCTbF%F%5fYmWCZk&TnDUgljJ&jb Fetching Outfit
    aMicJsaQfs1mWgZcNTgDLgqjJZBf Fish Bone Shirt
    aMiBAsaQas1mWgZcGTgDLxqjJZBf Fish Knit
    1qWqr6wfBu&q7z8rzSNrwfyq76ts Five-Ball Shirt
    VupDfAH%ATqmW#ZkyTnDUgqjJ&jb Flicker Shirt
    guibfAH1ExqmWPZkrTnDUgdjJ&jb Folk Shirt
    VuHcfAH%FTqmWcZkyTnDUg0jJ&jb Fortune Shirt
    YoWqy6PfBu&q7z8EzSPqyfot76ts Fresh Shirt
    4UFG548QQWQZGFhn#%jLL5qj5ZBf Funky Dot Shirt
    DennisMillerIsSokDamnAwtsqme Gaudy Sweater
    4UFG548QQWQnGfln#%jtLEqj5ZBf Gelato Shirt
    guiDfAH%AfqmWiZkyTnDUgQjJ&j% Giraffe Print
    4UTG548uQKQZGf1n#%jTLEqj5ZBf Gracie's Top
    1qWww6IfB@&q7z8XzSNtwfyq76ts Grape Shirt
    guibfAHyEfqmWPZkhTnDUgUjJ&jb Grass Shirt
    4UFG548QQWQZGFan#%jtLEqj5ZBf Gray Tartan
    VuTbfAHyC3qmWcZkhTnDUg1jJ&wb Green Ring Shirt
    aMicJsaQes1mWgZcNTgDLgqjJZBj Groovy Shirt
    s@T@3vbA4RJQfbthBEttkoHdqld7 Hot Spring Shirt
    gMTdTraLVR1mWb6waTgDLxqjJZBf Houndstooth Knit
    guJbfDHdE2BmWcZklTnDUgkjJ&jb Icy Shirt
    HlljazztHemmoYlaljaJzthemmyG Jade Check Print
    4UFG548QQ5QZGf1n#%jtLEqj5ZBf Jester Shirt
    YoWeo6EfBu&q7z8IzSYiwfso76ts Jingle Shirt
    aMTdTraLVs1mWb6waTgDLxgjJZBf Kiwi Shirt
    2GiDfAiLrh1mWgZcyTgDLgYjJ&jj Lavender Robe
    QetrnfoqGreebYldtineorHreFCY Leather Jerkin
    guibfAH1EuqmW3ZkrTnDUgdjJ&jb Light Line Shirt
    1qWWO6IfB@&q7z8XzSNqpfyo76ts Loud Bloom Shirt
    aMiBAraLaR1mWb6waTgDLxqjJZBf Loud Line Shirt
    YoWqA6PfBu&q7z8IzSPrwfot76ts Melon Gingham
    aMiBAsaQls1mWgZcGTgDLxqjJZBf Melon Shirt
    EzatswrongwitHWhatswrongwitH Mint Gingham
    YoWRA6EfBu&q7z8IzSYqwfoq76ts Misty Shirt
    2uiDfAH%AsqmWiZkyTnDUgRjJ&j% Mod Top
    guibfAHyEGqmWPZkhTnDUgUjJ&jb Moldy Shirt
    aMTdTraLV31mWbOwaTgDLxCjJZBf Monkey Shirt
    vuHcfAH%FgqmW#ZkyTnDUgCjJ&jb Moody Blue Shirt
    VuHcfAH%FTqmW#ZkyTnDUgqjJ&jb Mosaic Shirt
    s@T@3vbA4RJQfbHhBEttkoHdqld7 Natty Shirt
    SyiyypairofsaYSeinypairofsyG Nebula Shirt
    VupDfAH%AhqmW#ZkyTnDUgqjJ&jb Neo-Classic Knit
    rlljazzthemmoYblljazzthemmyG New Spring Shirt
    4UTG548QQtQZGfln#%j5LMqj5ZBf No.1 Shirt
    2GiDfAiLrV1mWgZcyTgDLgYjJ&jj No.4 Shirt
    2GiDfAiLrs1mWiZcyTgDLg0jJ&j% Noble Shirt
    vuHcfAH%FgqmW#ZkyTnDUggjJ&jb Noodle Shirt
    vCTbf%Fy5XYmWcZk&TnDUg&jJ&jb Oft-Seen Print
    guibfDHdECqmWcZkrTnDUgkjJ&jb Orange Tie-Dye
    vCTbf%FykEYmWcZk&TnDUgljJ&jb Patched Shirt
    2GiDfAiLra1mWiZcyTgDLgqjJ&jY Patchwork Top
    VuHcfAHyFTqmWcZkyTnDUgUjJ&jb Paw Shirt
    VupDfAH%AhqmW#ZkyTnDUgDjJ&jb Peachy Shirt
    aMTdTraLVR1mWb6waTgDLxUjJZBf Pink Tartan
    yLdteMNXlbnX&e lKYkgSGCFOvp5m Plum Kimono
    YoWqQ6PfBu&q7z8EzSPywfot76ts Polar Fleece
    FdImAstringtdYFrCmCstringtyG Pop-Bloom Shirt
    FdImAstringtdYFrCmastringtyG Pulse Shirt
    2GiDfAiLrV1mWgZcyTgDLgqjJ&jj Puzzling Shirt
    2uiDfAH%AfqmWiZkyTnDUgqjJ&j% Racer 6 Shirt
    guibfAHyEvqmWcZkhTnDUgCjJ&jb Racer Shirt
    4UTG548uQKQZGf1h#%jtLEqj5ZBf Rally Shirt
    1qWWO6IfB@&q7z8XzSNqpfyw76ts Red Bar Shirt
    aMicJsaQfs1mWgZcNTgDLgUjJZBj Red Check Shirt
    yLdteEN%lz2i&x BKCQwS9CFZvp5m Red Puffy Vest (Fishing Tournament)
    BLdteZH%lbnilx nKTWgajCuyv5cC Red Sweatsuit (Sports Fair)
    4UTG548aQKQZGfln#%jiLEqj5ZBf Red Tie-Dye
    FdImastringtdYFrCmastringtyG Red-Scale Shirt
    2GiDfAiLrV1mWiZcyTgDLgqjJ&jY Rickrack Shirt
    vCTbf%F%5AYmWcZk&TnDUgljJ&jb Rose Shirt
    4UTG548uQtQZGfln#%jtLEqj5ZBf Rugby Shirt
    1qWie6IfB@&q7z8XzSNkwfyq76ts Seven-Ball Shirt
    vupcfAHyF3qmWjZkyTnDUgcjJ&jb Sharp Outfit
    gCibfAaLEFqmWPZkrTnDUgdjJ&jb Sherbert Gingham
    guibfAHyExqmWPZkhTnDUgUjJ&jb Shirt Circuit
    SyioyyqirousaYSeqnypuirufsyG Silk Bloom Shirt
    4UFG548QQWQZGfSo#%jtLEqj5ZBf Six-Ball Shirt
    ZheLegendOfZeldaWindWalker24 Ski Sweater
    2GiDfAiLrV1mWiZcyTgDLgYjJ&jY Skull Shirt
    2GiDfAiLrW1mWgZcyTgDLgYjJ&jj Snappy Print
    guibfAHdExqmWcZkrTnDUgkjJ&jb Snow Shirt
    8rdtgqiXd#pi&x YKFQw&H3Fyg5cC Somber Robe
    guibfAH1E3qmWPZkrTnDUgdjJ&jb Spade Shirt
    2uiDfAH%AhqmWiZkyTnDUgqjJ&j% Speedway Shirt
    4UFG548QQWQZGf1n#%jtLEqj5ZBf Spring Shirt
    guibfAHyE3qmWcZkhTnDUgCjJ&jb Star Shirt
    VuHcfAH%FTqmW#ZkyTnDUgUjJ&jb Static Shirt
    aMiBAsaQas1mWbZwGTgDLxqjJZBf Stormy Shirt
    HllMazztHemmoYIlljazzthemmyG Strawberry Shirt
    s@T@3vbA4RJQfbHhBEttkoH8qld7 Striking Outfit
    s@T@3vbA4RJQfbHhBEttkoH&qld7 Subdued Print
    A6YoMsynY%NpdA hHlayMyEw8fyqX Summer Robe
    FdImastringtdYHromastringtyG Sunset Top
    guibfAHyE3qmWPZkhTnDUgUjJ&jb Swell Shirt
    2uiDfAH%AsqmWiZkyTnDUgqjJ&j% Three-Ball Shirt
    aMTdTraLVR1mWb6waTgDLxqjJZBf Thunder Shirt
    1qWWO6IfB@&q7z8XzSNrpfyw76ts Tiger Print
    vCTbf%Fy5AYmWcZk&TnDUgljJ&jb Tiki Shirt
    guibfAHyE3qmWPZkhTnDUgljJ&jb Tin Shirt
    2GiDfAiLrs1mWiZcyTgDLgqjJ&j% Toad Print
    vCTbJRFlXQYmWcZk&TmDUgljJ&jb Twinkle Shirt
    vCTbf%FyfDYmWcZk&TnDUgljJ&jb Two-Ball Shirt
    aMiBAraLaR1mWb6waTgDLx0jJZBf Waffle Shirt
    guibfAH1EFqmWPZkrTnDUgdjJ&jb Watermelon Shirt
    1qWww6IfB@&q7z8XzSNqwfyq76ts Wave Print
    VuHcfAHyFgqmW#ZkyTnDUgqjJ&jb Wavy Pink Shirt
    aMicJsaQfs1mWgZcNTgDLgqjJZBj Whirly Shirt
    4UFG548QQdQZGfln#%jtLEGj5ZBf White Ring Shirt
    HllMazztHemmoYBlljazzthemmyG Windsock Shirt
    guibfDHdMWqmWcZkrTnDUgkjJ&jb Winter Sweater
    xethtforfreebYldtitforfreebY Work Uniform
    aMTdTraLVR1mWb0waTgDLxojJZBf Yellow Bar Shirt
    VuHcfAH%FTqmW#ZkyTnDUg0jJ&jb Yellow Bolero
    EcatswrongwitHWhatswrongwitH Yellow Pinstripe
    vuTbfAHyC3qmWcZkhTnDUg1jJ&jb Zebra Print

    Contributed by: Felix Arabia, TStodden 

  29. Get all the Fossils

    Use one of the following codes to get the desired Fossil.

    For Villager codes: Write a letter to them, the first line is the key symbol, next two lines is the code.

    For Tom Nook codes: Talk to him, ask for other things, then "Say a code."

    Effect Effect
    vuTcfAHyCSqmWj ZkyTnDUgcjJ&jb Amber, tell Tom Nook
    CashisislkndeS YoshisislandeS Apato Skull, tell Tom Nook
    KsCtBedonatioY FsrthedonatioY Apato Tail, tell Tom Nook
    4UTG548pQKQZGf 1n#%jNLEqj5ZBf Apato Torso, tell Tom Nook
    XJh5rVHlvsVeWi U6ATVrjlec&BFP Dinosaur Egg, tell Tom Nook
    4NTG548uQKQZGf 1n#%j6LEqj5ZBf Dinosaur Track, tell Tom Nook
    4UTG548uQKQZGf 1n#%jfLEqj5ZBf Mammoth Skull, tell Tom Nook
    4UTG548uQKQZGf 1n#%jNdEqj5ZBf Mammoth Torso, tell Tom Nook
    4pTG548uQKQZGf 1n#%jFLEqj5ZBf Plesio Neck, tell Tom Nook
    I5gTK#HYSv#i6w Qt@fWMjUhoMVgg Plesio Skull, tell Villager
    4UFG548QQWQZGF an#%j%L5qj5ZBf Plesio Torso, tell Tom Nook
    CashisislandeS YoshisislandeS Ptera Left Wing, tell Tom Nook
    StationisrundY LrationisrundY Ptera Right Wing, tell Tom Nook
    huTcfAHyCsqmWj ZkyTnDUgCjJ%jb Stego Skull, tell Tom Nook
    4UTG548uQKQZGf 1n#%j1LEqj5ZBf Stego Torso, Tell Tom Nook
    QtiXgIAGfe2AI7 WwBZBBWW#PulBc T-Rex Skull, tell Tom Nook
    1LhuwvEDA22fmA dbgnvzbCvBAsyU T-Rex Tail, tell Tom Nook
    vuTcfAHyCSqmWj ZkyTnDUgbjJ&jb T-Rex Torso, tell Tom Nook
    aDSLHyYoeR685b afBBlkwcRCmqi3 Tricera Skull, tell Tom Nook
    eWoG4aYGDeYiOe SiDXcOAcZuAjsZ Tricera Tail, tell Tom Nook
    OadtimersoldtI OldtimersoldtI Tricera Torso, Tell Tom Nook
    vuTcfAHyCSqmWm ZkhTnDUgbjJ&jb Trilobite, tell Tom Nook

    Contributed by: Jelly Soup 

  30. Free Lottery tickets

    To get free lottery tickets, for Tom Nook's monthly raffle, just simply talk to Tom, select ''Other things'', then select ''Say code'' and enter the password below for the month you want. You can enter passwords up to 3 times, then save & quit, and reload your game, to enter more passwords.

    Unfortunatly, not all months have been found yet.

    Note: The passwords are case sensitve and need to be put in, exactly as seen below.

    Effect Effect
    Ii8rows2082LuG LisnowsrdouLug April Tickets
    ClinkocarniabY AlinkocarniayG August Tickets
    mc3451Ru4K2312 1ki45123412312 December Tickets
    Ec3451Ru4K2312 cki45123412312 January Tickets
    Ec345123412312 1ki45123412312 March Tickets
    mc3451Ru4K2312 1ki45123412312 May Tickets
    Ec3451Ru4K2312 1ki45123412312 November Tickets
    mc3451Ru4K2312 1ki45123u12312 October Tickets

    Contributed by: Cool mario 6446 

  31. Space Theme

    Go to Tom Nook and tell him the following set of passwords:

    Effect Effect
    far45678912345 E2345678912345 Asteroid
    2%Q3EhMeRByAY3 n5yYAK9zcHxLo7 Flying Saucer
    2%Q2fhMehAyAY3 O5yYAK9zaHxLo7 Lunar Lander
    XdBiCiDiEiFipY AiBiCiDiEiFiyG Rocket
    linkzPld#B31on ganozPeldClink Satellite
    2%Q2fhMKhAyAY3 Z5yYAK9zNHxLo7 Space Shuttle
    2%42fhMtRByAY3 Z5yYAK9zfHxLo7 Space Station
    Zzic2RB%wwcRMs GX1QbaZv0Z7c8x Spaceman Sam

    Contributed by: Pimple 

  32. NES Games

    Here are 9 out of the 15 NES Passwords. Just tell them to Nook by saying ''Other Things'' and then ''Say Code''.

    Effect Effect
    CbDahLBdaDh98d 9ub8ExzZKwu7Zl Balloon Fight
    1n5%N%8JUjE5fj lEcGr4%ync5eUp Baseball
    bA5PC%8JUjE5fj ljcGr4%ync5EUp DK Jr. Math
    2n5@N%8JUjE5fj ljcGr4%ync5EUp Donkey Kong
    3%Q4fhMTRByAY3 05yYAK9zNHxLd7 Exitebike
    Crm%h4BNRbu98d 9un8exzZKwo7Zl Golf
    bA5PC%8JUjE5fj 1EcGr4%ync5eup Wario's Woods

    Contributed by: Rouge99 

  33. Barbecue Theme

    Go to Tom Nook and tell him the following set of passwords:

    Effect Effect
    aPYhDyYoeR685b afZBlkwcRCmqi3 Barbecue
    ArTriaAnoSarah Spurlingtre5&2 Bird Feeder
    cPYhDyYoeR685b afZBlkwcRCmqiR Bug Zapper
    IP8cGEhbT0x@En RTkjA3P3nb#GNh Garden Gnome
    1mWYg6IfB@&q7z 8XzSNupfij76ts Hammock
    ArariaAndSarah SourlingAre5&2 Lawn Chair
    fi9xES@sTRJhAA sh09cb#9UaKH84 Lawn Mower
    ArTriaAndSarah Spurlingtpe5&2 Mr. Flamingo
    aPYhDjYoeR685b afZBlkwcRCmqi3 Mrs. Flamingo
    ArariaAndrarah S9urlCngwre5&2 Picnic Table
    Ai9xES@sTyJsYY shO9cb#9UaKHL4 Sprinkler
    ArariaAndSarah Shurliagtre5&2 Tiki Torch

    Contributed by: Pimple 

  34. Chess characters

    Go to Nook's store, talk to him, select other things and chose the password choice. Then enter one of the following

    Note: I think you need to talk to a villager for the White Knight. I'm not positive though.

    Effect Effect
    aDSLDyYoeR685bafRBlkwcRCmqi3 Black Bishop
    lLhuwvEDA23fmAdsgnvzbCIBAsyU Black King
    SupermakiobroSAeImAlCrOssiNG Black Knight
    1LhuwvEDA22fmAdagnvzbCvBAsyU Black Queen
    aDShHyYoeR685bafyBlkwcRCmqi3 Black Rook
    SupermariobqoS4nImAlCa0ssiNG White Bishop
    aPShDyYoeR685bafbBlkwcRCmqi3 White King
    BiPiES@sTRJmAAshO9cb#9Uh9HO4 White Knight
    RtiXgIAGfe2AI7WwBZBBWW#Pulyc White Pawn
    aPShDyYoeR685baf%BlkwcRCmqi3 White Queen
    aPSLHyYoeR685bafxBlkwcRCmqi3 White Rook

    Contributed by: namod65 

  35. Boxing Theme

    Enter these codes at Tom Nooks store to obtain these boxing theme items.

    Effect Effect
    Bi9xES@sTRJTAAsqO9cb#3UaKHs4 Blue Corner
    Ai9xES@sTRJsAAsh09cb#9UaKHb4 Boxing Barricade
    li9xES@sTRJsYYsqO9cb#3UaKHq5 Boxing Mat
    Di9xES@sTRJsYYsqO9cb#3UaKHL5 Neutral Corner
    Si9xES@sTRJsYYsh09cb#9Vak#I4 Red Corner
    1kT1N0Y4k3685184L613wcRCmqir Sandbag
    4i9GES@sTRJsAAsqO9cb#9UaKHI4 Speed Bag

    Contributed by: mikedaman64 

  36. Handheld Passwords.

    Go to Tom Nook's store and choose the option "other things" and then "enter code." You will receive either balloons, fans, or umbrellas from these passwords.

    Effect Effect
    NmxIGWIeSLYFFCu6iMwbzCGvFsnQ Bluebell Fan
    FewprettydaisYLewprettydaisY Bunny B. Balloon
    Dbqg2e8EgEuV86iMamp2#LwUOox# Bunny P. Balloon
    cAQifhGeBsyjYcvqPYAKGaeFdjop Fan Fan
    ZelDbinhyruleS1einkrothepasT Noodle Parasol
    BgxxxxxxxxxxdNn66abcdn66efgH Purple Balloon
    BgxxxTxxxxxxbN7cdcdcdn66efgH Retro Umbrella
    BgexxxxxxxxxdNn66abcdn66efgH Twig Parasol
    cAQifhGeBsyjYcEqyYAKxjeFdjop Yellow Pinwheel

    Contributed by: Felix Arabia 

  37. Stationery passwords.

    Go to Tom Nook's store and talk to him. Choose "Say code" and type in these codes to receive various stationery (writing paper for letters.)

    Effect Effect
    Wc3451Ru4K23121ki4a123b123D2 Butterfly Paper
    i5eupw5McN#ynsVa&LXsEbrUNQZW Daisy Paper
    i5eupw5McN#ynsVaK4XsEbrpNQZW Dragon Paper
    MlryintoadtowNZelDbinhyruleS Fantasy Paper
    KtkuvbdngktkaeKtkuvbdngktKee Festive Paper
    SuPermariogolfsupermareogolf Gingko Paper
    KtkuvbdngktkaeKtJuEbBngPtKee Misty Paper
    SuPermariogolfsupermariogolf Neat Paper
    SptrlingSilveRSpurlingSilveR Orange Paper
    n88lzeiRuBnM8Ln88xxxn88xn8yG Panda Paper
    MaryintoadtowNZelDbinhyruleS Petal Paper
    Cc3451Ru4K23121ki4a123412312 Sparkly Paper
    SuPermariogolfsupermariogOlf Spooky Paper
    i5eupw5McN#ynsVa&LXsEbXUNQZW Woodcut Paper
    Wc3451Ru4K23121ki4a123412312 Woodland Paper

    Contributed by: Felix Arabia 

  38. Cabana Items

    Go to Nook and talk, select other things, then pick the password choice.

    Note: You need to talk to a villager for the Cabana Screen

    Effect Effect
    B6&6KQom9DzR35DfkDC4%EEpCmiR Cabana Bed
    Iar45678912345E2345678912345 Cabana Boockcase
    2%QafhMKhAyAY3Z5yYAK9zNHxLo7 Cabana Chair
    PlaystationonE PyaystationonE Cabana Dresser
    ZzicrRB%wwcRMs GX1Qb&Zv0Z7c8x Cabana Lamp
    2%Q3fhMdRByAY3Z5yYAK9zyHxLo7 Cabana Screen
    I7345678912345 E234567891234E Cabana Table
    FjEiKuIzEiKukY DkEiKuIzEiKuky Cabana Vanity

    Contributed by: namod65, mario masta 

  39. Cabin Items

    Go to Nook's store and talk to him. Select other things and chose the password option, enter one of the following

    Effect Effect
    MQa2J&MVQBjDC7bic&%40CREcw%z Cabin Armchair
    MupersmashbroSSupersmashbroS Cabin Bed
    ZkVP4R9VU#7Yw%y#v1BQyWk3YCqc Cabin Bookcase
    D7r4567a912345Ea3456789e23i5 Cabin Chair
    MJ22J&CBQjaUC7bic&&40eRfcwfh Cabin Clock
    JJgHX4QB7zRCwFyRvo1o7xJTt0Yc Cabin Couch
    11AcKGI9JE#Jf@gHcebBLdG7Y%PE Cabin Dresser
    MupersmaspbroSSupersmashbroS Cabin low Table
    ZzicrRB%wwcRMsGX1QbaZv0Z7c8x Cabin Table
    IDkteTBeNewWayOCRogtingCodez Cabin Wardrobe

    Contributed by: namod65, byakkomitsuagi 

  40. Free Candy!

    To receive as much candy as you want, type in the password below. Go to the store owned by Tom Nook. While talking to him, say ''other things'' and then say ''say code''.

    Effect Effect
    IkomyourfathzY LiimyourfathzY Candy

    Contributed by: thekingofthisgame 

  41. Items

    Say code to Tom Nook

    Effect Effect
    NYVkmM6NYY7sJFm&#8CUmtU9cuCh Cherry
    exrQkk9XofYWLzCROgdCKb&IV5Tw Orange

    Contributed by: fafdsfr 

  42. Gyroid Passwords

    Go to Tom Nook's store and pick "Say code." Type in these passwords to receive gyroids (the strange robot-like structures.)

    Effect Effect
    GrlB7gVOGo3WtRRHBeCPgForDver Clankoid
    SnimalForest64A4imalCrossing Croakoid
    ttremeflqtzoneXutemeflatzone Dekkoid
    GodIsTheGreatestBeingForever Dingloid
    VgvalbcscceexxklmtBoG9dLaSmb Drilloid
    dq%cugkN&in76hy%TIL3HUo3QYqd Gargloid
    c1tpbvSIrsPR4cJhsa%yOJEIXXCp Gongoid
    Bi9xES@sTRJTAAsq09cb#3UaKHs3 Harmonoid
    Ai9xES@sTRMsYYshO9cb#9UaKHL1 Howloid
    GodYxTVOGo3WtestBeingForever Lamentoid
    HollivrusKonezbivhabcrshonSY Lullaboid
    GeorgelucasliAGeorgelucaslwl Mega Alloid
    Aq%cugkN&in76hV%TIL3HUo3QYbd Mega Bovoid
    QteemeflatzoneWtWemeflatzone Mega Bowtoid
    Aq%cugkN&in76hV%TIL3HUo3QYEd Mega Buzzoid
    ArTriaAnoSarahSpurlcngtren&2 Mega Clankoid
    3Na1DOY4Q36851&In613Rc%Cmqir Mega Croakoid
    GodBxTVOGo3WtRstBeCngFor3ver Mega Dekkoid
    GodBxTVOGo3WtestBeZngForever Mega Dingloid
    2%Q2fhVtRByAY3Z5yYAK9zaHxLo7 Mega Dinkoid
    Di9GES@sTRJsAAsq09cb39UaKHs1 Mega Drilloid
    ArisSrisKcismYArisJrisArisyG Mega Echoid
    GrdB77VOGo3WtRsHBeCPgForDver Mega Freakoid
    2%42fhVtRByAY3Z5yYAK9zfHxLo7 Mega Gongoid
    Si9xES@sTRJsYYsh09cb#9Vak#I1 Mega Harmanoid
    4DTddb48GZ1OWcdgsJjFLeqj5ZBd Mega Howloid
    WoodyolfisherYGoofyolfisherY Mega Lamentoid
    fi9xES@sTRJsAAsh09cb#9UaKHs3 Mega Lullaboid
    HollivrusKsdezbivhabcacsAVuY Mega Nebuloid
    aPShDyYoeR685bafLOlkwcRCmqi3 Mega Oboid
    linkz2ldaBanonganon8eldClink Mega Oombloid
    Di9xES@sTRJsAAsq09cb39Vak#83 Mega Percoloid
    aPShDyYoeR685bafDOlkwcRCmqi3 Mega Plinkoid
    YteemeflStzoneXutemeflatzone Mega Poltergoid
    fi9xES@sTRJsAAsh09cb39Vak#I8 Mega Puffoid
    GodIxT3eGr3atestBeingForever Mega Rustoid
    KtMuvFdngktkaeKtJuEbBngPtKee Mega Sproid
    ZzicrRM%wwcRMsGX1QbiZv0Z7c8x Mega Sputnoid
    Di9xES@sTRJsAAsq09cb39vek#z1 Mega Squelchoid
    1OTENOY4k3685184L613wcRCmqir Mega Strumboid
    Aq%cugkN&in76hy%TIL3HUo3QYEd Metatoid
    GodIxTQeGr3atestBeingForever Mini Bowtoid
    Aq%cugkN&in76hy%TIL3HUo3QYqg Mini Buzzoid
    Gettoknowem&ThDsallweresayGh Mini Dinkoid
    Di9GES@sTRJyAAsq09cb39UaKHs1 Mini Drilloid
    2%Q2fhVthAyAY3O5yYAK9z@HxLo7 Mini Echoid
    2%Q3EhMtRByAY3n5yYAK9zgHxLo7 Mini Fizzoid
    HoTeKoKbCstscYHometoroostsyG Mini Freakoid
    AiBiCiDiEiFipYAiBiCiDiEiFiyG Mini Gargloid
    ArisSrisKlismYArisJrisAsisyG Mini Gongoid
    1FThDOY4k3685184U613wcRCmqir Mini Harmonoid
    1CT1DOY4k3685184#613wcRCmqir Mini Howloid
    Ai#9ES@sTRJsAAsh09cb#9Vak9I8 Mini Lullaboid
    ZUic2RA%wwcRMsGX1KbiZv0Z7c8x Mini Oombloid
    1CT1DOY4k36851847613wcRCmqir Mini Plinkoid
    Ai9xES@sTRJsYYsh09cb#9UaKHI3 Mini Rhythmoid
    1FThDOY4k3685184s613wcRCmqir Mini Rustoid
    aq%iugkN&in76hy%TIL3HUo3QYEd Mini Sproid
    2%Q2fhMthAyAY3O5yYAK9zxHxLo7 Mini Sputnoid
    GrdBQTVOGo3WtRsHBeCngForDver Mini Tootoid
    Aq%cugkN&in76hV%vIL3HUo3QYEd Mini Warbloid
    8i9xES@sTRJsAAsh09cb#9UaKH67 Oboid
    2%Q2fhVthAyAY3Z5yYAK9zCHxLo7 Oombloid
    OwDy3sRsromacYFysausowwosacY Poltergoid
    dq%cugkN&in76hV%TIL3HUo3QYbu Quazoid
    Ni9xES@sTRJhAAsh09cb#9UaKHBE Rhythmoid
    GodBxTVOGo3Wt7stBeCngForever Rustoid
    1FThDOY4k3685184#613wcRCmqir Slim Nebuloid
    Vi9xES@sTRMsYAshO9cb39UaKHs3 Slim Quazoid
    linkzeldaBanonganonzeldalink Sputnoid
    Di9xES@sTRJsAAsh09cb39vqk#01 Squat Nebuloid
    Ni9xES@sTRJhAAshO9cb37UaKHLE Squelchoid
    Vi9xES@sTRMsAAshO9cb39UaKHs1 Strumboid
    GeDrgelucasliAGeorgelucaslwl Tall Bowtoid
    3ea1DOY4Q36851&In613Rc%Cmqir Tall Buzzoid
    aq%cugkN&in76hV%TIL3HUo3QYEu Tall Clankoid
    HoTeKoKbostscYHometoroostsyG Tall Dingloid
    2%Q3EhMtRByAY3Z5yYAK9zxHxLo7 Tall Echoid
    MarioteAnis6fYI5X@qSEncEKbOV Tall Gongoid
    gfc82NV1Y#zoI4I5X@qSEncEKbOV Tall Lamentoid
    Ni9GES@sTRUhYYsh09cb#9UaKHB3 Tall Lullaboid
    Ai9xES@sTRJsAAsh09cb#9UaKHI3 Tall Nebuloid
    1CT1DOY4k3685184I613wcRCmqir Tall Oboid
    2%42fhMtRByAY3O5yYAK9zeHxLo7 Tall Oombloid
    Fsy74NV1Y#zoI4I5X@qSEdcEKbOV Tall Poltergoid
    Ai9xES@sTRJsYYsh09cb49UaKHL3 Tall Puffoid
    2%Q2fhVtRByAY3O5yYAK9zfHxLo7 Tall Sputnoid
    gi9xES@sTRMsYAsAO9cb39UaKHA3 Tall Strumboid
    fi9xEa@sTRMsYYsh09cb#9UaKHI1 Tall Timpanoid
    QteemeflatzoneWttemeflatzone Tall Warbloid
    KhWoksformakdYWttemeflatzone Timpanoid
    ArTriaAnoSarahSpurlingtren&2 Tootoid
    aq%cugkN&in76hy%TIL3HUo3QYEd Warbloid
    AruriaAnoSarahSpurlingtren&2 Wee Dingloid

    Contributed by: Felix Arabia 

  43. Seashells

    Tell Tom Nook these passwords to get the following items:

    Effect Effect
    IHAToyouNook!9IHATEyouNOOK!9 Coral
    IDesettresettUIkesettresettU Lions Paw
    HopingmadmercYHopingmadmaryG Porceletta
    zfCDBBcgAaDAecFaDaCttresettU Venus Comb
    IresettresettUIkesettresettU Wentletrap

    Contributed by: Aniland 

  44. Models

    On holidays of by completing special tasks, you can collect models of key places in your town.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Watch Mr. Resseti come out of the ground at Groundhog Day. Cosmos Models 1, 2, and 3.
    Get at Spring Cleaning. Dump Model
    Get 70,000 HRA points. House Model
    Get from igloos. Igloo Model
    Get at Halloween, Katrina's Tent
    Turn on the lighthouse while the mayor is gone. Lighthouse Model
    Get on Father's Day. Locomotive Model
    Get 100,000 HRA points. Manor Model
    Get on Sale Day. Market Model
    Complete the museum. Museum Model
    Get on Officer's Day. Police Model
    Save 999,999,999 bells in the Post Office. Post Model
    Get on Labor Day. Shop Model
    Get on Your Hometown Day. Station Models 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14, or 15
    Graduation Day present. Tailor Model
    Get from tents. Tent Model
    Nature Day gift. Tree Model
    Mayor's Day gift. Well Model

    Contributed by: Snoopdigger 

  45. Cube Clock

    To get the cube clock, tell the following password to Tom Nook:

    Effect Effect
    SVpermaoioBroSAzImAlCrOssiNG Cube Clock

    Contributed by: Aniland 

  46. Radios and Sound Systems

    Go to Tom Nook and select ''Other Things.'' Then select ''Say Code.'' Enter the following codes to get the following things

    Effect Effect
    1LhuwvEDA33fmAdbgnvzbCIBAsyU Dice Stereo
    1LhuwvEDA22emAdbgnvzbCvBAsyU Hi-Fi Stereo
    aDSLDyYoeR685bafaBlkwcRCmqi3 High-End Stereo
    a#S8UItokM6850h%LO&kwcRCmqi3 JukeBox
    aDShDyYoeR685bafBBlkwcRCmqi3 Red Boombox
    SupermakiobroSAoImAlCaOssiNG Reel-To-Reel
    B6&6KQom9DzR35RfLDC4%EEpCmiR Retro Stereo
    aPSLDyYoeR685bafZBlkwcRCmqi3 Tape Deck
    Crm%h4BNRyu98d9Uu8exzZKwu7Zl Turntable
    HRcE#IbRoJEV8od@rB6leTnU%a3E White Boombox

    Contributed by: Aniland 

  47. Glitch Passwords

    When you try to discover universal codes when talking to Tom Nook, remember that there are glitch codes. Please remember to enter these codes at your own risk.

    Effect Effect
    isc74NV1Y#zoI4 I5X@qSEdcEKbOV Disable all background music
    ODMzz2BESKOLXD lpfKxPAXrEUrPh Freezes game whenever you try to load it.
    Ai9xES@sTRJsYY 5h09cb39UaKHI3 Locks away the game when you finish entering the code
    Ai9xES@sTRJsAA sh09cb39vAK#s4 Makes it impossible to win lottery, and other contests in the game

    Contributed by: Turbo Speed 

  48. Apple Set

    Go to Tom Nook's store and go to Say Code. Input these passwords to get the 2 items in the Apple Set:

    Effect Effect
    Oa5trmersol4tI OldtW1ersoldtI Get Apple Clock
    Mkri4mariomaro Flriomariomaro Get Apple TV

    Contributed by: strawhat 

  49. Wallpaper Codes

    Go to Nook's store and talk to Tom Nook. Select Other Things, and then select Say Code

    Effect Effect
    qAepnQGwSyXfFNZ9@WoO%Pvha#OK Get Arched Window
    #zjKWDN3bx4p7E635nljHT7tTBTC Get Backyard Fence
    5jiSk583al5H2%ZWfacRW37KT4Tw Get Bamboo Wall
    Pi&aCKUGKV#2%UJxuMKYfxg5jA@M Get Blue Trim Wall
    qAx5nQGuSULJFNZ9SJWO%mvjfd@ Get Cabana Wall
    6#rh@H5wjDnJAT9xN8W5aZyawphb Get Cabin Wall
    BY4qneovrZkTW8Mvf8fCe3nSj4OU Get Chic Wall
    qA#5nQGuSrXJFNZ9SfW0%mvjf#OU Get Citrus Wall
    fADSO6jGqYLaulZJAecY@keb56@r Get Concrete Wall
    IPv5fWiNTK3F8EDUpqKZyA&Yz9dU Get Exotic Wall
    BYPgneo&rGLWW8MvEo%CexnHYLOU Get Floral Wall
    VYDan9uv3EXJW8Mv@4%Ce3nHYLmU Get Gold Screen Wall
    %A{S0tRscBXSulZJCcY@Aeb56Dr Get Green Wall
    lY&qgSovE@rJkEM&JwNOuAnzHBO@ Get Groovy Wall
    6Pgpfh4NTN5p8EDUpZKZyA&YzZd@ Get Imperial Wall
    rjaKk583jv#S2%ZW@2g&W37zjiY@ Get Ivy Wall
    EAvpnQGuH5LJFNZ9vW70%mvhazD@ Get Kiddie Wall
    rkntenoisbette9ihanMicrosoft Gives you the Rose Wall
    rkntenoisbette9ihanMicrosoft Gives you the Rose Wall
    eVRaCHbuzz5H%UpxiEqYfYv5HH@s Kitchen Wall
    eVRaCHbuzz5H%UpxiEqYfYv5HH@s Kitchen Wall

    Contributed by: blueb11, Aniland 

  50. Getting a Blue Nintendo Bench

    First, talk to Tom Nook. Choose the ''Other Things'' option and then the ''Say Code'' option. Now enter the following CASE-SENSITIVE password:


    Effect Effect
    cU3jlm@hdl6Aip zJFAEajAcbZXim Get Blue Nintendo Bench from Tom Nook

    Contributed by: Mirby 

  51. Construction Theme Passwords

    To get most of the Contruction theme items, go to Tom Nook and select Say Code, then enter these passwords:

    Effect Effect
    1mWYR6IfB@&q7z 8XzSNwpfij76ts Get Cement Mixer
    cAQifhGeBsyjYc nqBYAKxjeFdjop Get Detour Arrow
    hSatHavsVouJot ForMeTqdayNook Get Detour Sign
    ArariaAnQSarah Swurlqngtre5&2 Get Flagman Sign
    2%Q2fhVeRByAY3 Z5yYAK9zNHxLo7 Get Green Drum
    2%Q2fhMeRByAY3 Z5yYAK9zNHxLo7 Get Handcart
    ArariaAnUQarah SpurlingHSe5&2 Get Haz-mat barrel
    2%Q3EhMeRByAY3 05yYAK9zNHxLo7 Get Iron Frame
    ArariaAnfEarah SpurlOagereo&2 Get Jackhammer
    ArariaAndSarah Sourl3ngApe5&2 Get Jersey Barrier
    A2345t7u9Ks34z 123456x8912345 Get Manhole Cover
    cU3jlm@hdl6Aip zJFAEUjAwbZXim Get Merge Sign
    ArTriaAnorarah Spurlingtre5&2 Get Oil Drum
    I7345678912345 E234567891234P Get Orange Cone
    vP5hDyYoeR685b afZBlkwcRCmqiR Get Sawhorse
    vPYhDyYoeR685b afZBlkwcRCmqiR Get Speed Sign
    T234567u912345 f2345678912345 Get Traffic Cone
    ThIckitsbecadY ThinkitsbecayG Get Wet Roadway Sign

    Contributed by: strawhat 

  52. Western Theme Passwords

    Go to Tom Nook's store and go to Say Code and enter these passwords for the entire Western Theme:

    Effect Effect
    ArariaAnfSarah SpurlOageUeo&2 Get Covered Wagon
    ArariaAndrarah Swurl5ngtre5&2 Get Cow Skull
    8i9xES@sTRJsAA sh09cb#9UaKH76 Get Desert Cactus
    ArariaAndSarah SpurlOngereo&2 Get Saddle Fence
    ArariaAwQSarah Ssurlingtre5&2 Get Storefront
    1mWYR6IfB@&q7z 8XzSNapfij76ts Get Tumbleweed
    1i9xES@sTRJsYY sh09cb39UaKHL4 Get Wagon Wheel
    vPdhDyYoei685b afZBlkwcRCmqi3 Get Watering Trough
    vi9GES@sTRJhAA sh09cb@9UaKHL4 Get Well
    ArariaAndSarah SourlingApe5&2 Get Western Fence

    Contributed by: strawhat 

  53. Mossy Garden Theme

    To get all of the Mossy Garden Theme, go to Tom Nook and Say Code. Enter these passwords.

    Effect Effect
    aupersmashbroS SFpersmashbroS Get Deer Scare
    2%Q2fhVeRByAY3 Z5yYAK9z9HxLo7 Get Garden Pond
    7kriyma9iom5ro Flrioma9iomaro Get Low Lantern
    NmxIGWIeSLYAAC u6iMwbzCGvFsn& Get Pond Lantern
    Mkri3mariomaro Flriomariomaro Get Shrine Lantern
    PlaystationonE PlaystationTwO Get Tall Lantern

    Contributed by: strawhat 

  54. Exotic Item codes

    Go to Tom Nook's store and say these passwords for the entire Exotic Series:

    Effect Effect
    2%Q2fhVtRByAY3 O5yYAK9zNHxLo7 Get Exotic Bed
    xxxxjxxxxxxxxx S6nY2JIF0GE@iz Get Exotic Bench
    IDkteTheNewWay OfPostingCodez Get Exotic Bureau
    AliGkAntimesoY AlinkintimesyG Get Exotic Chair
    MupersmfshbwoS SupersmashbroS Get Exotic Chest
    ZUicrRB%wwcRMs GX1QbaZvOZ7c8x Get Exotic End Table
    AlinktothepasT ClinkgothepasT Get Exotic Lamp
    AlinktothepasT ClinkrothepasT Get Exotic Screen
    znlPfBa6iXoajl ibxCYoH0oW4qrs Get Exotic Table
    7vGRXAYsjrhk2q Sq7PSV#e7Va5z5 Get Exotic Wardrobe

    Contributed by: strawhat 

  55. Rock Garden Theme

    To get most of the items in the Rock Garden Theme, go to Tom Nook's store and Say Code. For the Mossy Stone, send a letter to anyone and type it like this:

    (code)(line break)

    Effect Effect
    TwspoGrhumanmY ThRpoNrhCmanyG Get Garden Stone
    2%Q2fhVeRByAY3 O5yYAK9znHxLo7 Get Leaning Stone
    KetzfiRkZAc3Uj 29E7UdyDwjsrNU Get Mossy Stone(tell villager)
    2%QzfhVeRByAY3 05yYAK9zNHyLo7 Get Standing Stone
    2%Q2fhVehAyAY3 Z5yYAK9zpHxLo7 Get Stone Couple

    Contributed by: strawhat 

  56. Get Mouth of Truth

    Go to nook's store, talk to him say "other things" than select "say code" then say the code.

    Effect Effect
    A6YoE&yV4%UpdPiHGa5Z6@w4TyqX Get Mouth of Truth

    Contributed by: Mr_E_521 

  57. Office Set passwords

    To get some items in the Office Set, go to Tom Nook's store and talk to him. Go to Say Code and input these passwords.

    Effect Effect
    Wkrioma9iomaro Flriomariomaro Get Office Chair
    Dwpermariobro3 Sjpermariobro3 Get Office Desk

    Contributed by: strawhat 

  58. Bonsai Set

    Go to Nook's store and go to say code. Enter these passwords:

    Effect Effect
    fupersmashbwoS SupersmashbroS Get Pine Bonsai
    MupersmaspbnoS SupersmashbroS Get Ponderosa Bonsai

    Contributed by: strawhat 

  59. Ranch series passwords

    Here is most of the Ranch Series passwords. Go to Tom Nook's store and go to say code and type these in.

    Effect Effect
    Grab5aggEsbbag GrabbagGrabbag Get Ranch Armchair
    44ad&Mushrooms Toad&Mushrooms Get Ranch Bookcase
    UnidersalCOdes UniversalCodes Get Ranch Couch
    i5iupw5MaN#Z33 VaK4XsEbrp5WZO Get Ranch Dresser
    Psi6ersalClRes Pniversa2Codes Get Ranch Hutch
    UniversalCVpes UniversalCodes Get Ranch Table
    Toad&MushDooms Toad&Mushrooms Get Ranch Tea Table
    x3XMY@7hrjAtoQ zxoASjVuat5Xoq Get Ranch Wardrobe

    Contributed by: strawhat 

  60. Regal Series Passwords

    Go to Tom Nook's store and talk to him. Go to Say Code and type these in for all of the Regal Series:

    Effect Effect
    5iPiES@sTRJmAA shO9cb#9Uh9wO4 Get Regal Armoire
    2%Q2fhVthAyAY3 O5yYAK9zjHxLo7 Get Regal Bed
    NintendoGamecu bearenumberone Get Regal Bookcase
    Q6&6KQom9DzR35 DfyDC4%EEpCmiR Get Regal Chair
    Grab5aggrsbbag GrabbagGrabbag Get Regal Cupboard
    IHkteHheNewWay OCPostingCodez Get Regal Dresser
    2%Q3fhMKRByAY3 Z5yYAK9zNHxLo7 Get Regal Lamp
    2%QYfhMdRByAY3 O5yYAK9zNHxLo7 Get Regal Sofa
    Mu&x5fw9GINwLS 9ljjHSoLwZMD7& Get Regal Table
    ZzicrRe%wwcRMs GX1QbaZv0Z7c8x Get Regal Vanity

    Contributed by: strawhat 

  61. Get Super Tortimer NES game

    If you wait until April Fool's day and talk to Tortimer, he'll give you Super Tortimer for NES, but it only says ''Herf Hoorf Super Tortimer isn't an NES game!'' Just make it fast using this password (As always, tell it to Tom Nook) cause it's still worth a laugh when you give it to your friend saying it's a cool NES game.

    Effect Effect
    ArariaAndrarahS9urlCngtre5&2 Get Super Tortimer for NES

    Contributed by: evilrooster5 

  62. Carpet passwords

    To get some free carpets, go to Tom Nook's store and talk to him. Go to Say Code and input these passwords.

    Effect Effect
    Di9xES@sTRJsYY sqo9cb#3UaKHs3 Get the 8 Mat Tatami
    666abcdn66efgH DyGabcd6B6efgH Get the Block Flooring
    S2ui@kTheuooH8 RGTU6@F7ld5GX3 Get the Blue Flooring
    66zabccn66efgH ayGcbcd6BagfgH Get the Boxing Ring Mat
    5jAjJCG5FZeiRumdqpQAe4pHaR3C Get the Cabin Rug
    E7M6IE7M6sE7hY E7M6sE7M6sE7yG Get the Checkered Tile
    666abcdn66ef7H DhGabcd6B6efgH Get the Citrus Carpet
    xxxAxxxxVZn0W3 ywR%jticqjLZBf Get the Classroom Floor
    Ndntendoistheb estgamecompany Get the Closed Road
    2Ea4vQLlTUq325 ajQpZfAv9wfYw# Get the Daisy Meadow
    EciCCy2YLaOuoA lLcZ&@eyHfTols Get the Exquisite Rug
    B66aPcdnE6ef7H DhGabcd6BAefgH Get the Jingle Carpet
    whqewavenhbkut whatravenhbkut Get the Kitchen Tile
    cddhbcdgnzefgg bydabcdafcefgg Get the Kitschy Tile
    wnqfFarJUjE5fz HzvGr4%yn35euz Get the Mossy Carpet
    666abcdn66efgH Dy4abcd6B6efgH Get the Office Flooring
    666mbcd666efgH DyGabcd6B6efgH Get the Ornate Rug
    Nintendoistheb estgamecompany Get the Parquet Floor
    ShiyypairofsaY ShinypairofsyG Get the Plush Carpet
    666abcd666efgH Dy6abcd6B6efgH Get the Ranch Flooring
    xfdaoonfiuhter layuoonfighter Get the Regal Carpet
    BovetotraveltY LovetotrabelyG Get the Sahara's Desert
    sddhbcdgnzefgg bydabcdafcefgg Get the Shanty Mat
    xxxxxxxxVZn0W3 ywR%jticqjLZBf Get the Stone Tile
    666abcdn66efgH Dyxabcd6B6efgH Get the Tatami Floor

    Contributed by: strawhat, byakkomitsuagi 

  63. Teddy Bear Set passwords

    To get all of the items in the Teddy Bear Set, go to Tom Nook's store and talk to him. Go to Say Code and input these passwords.

    Effect Effect
    IHkteTheNewWaa OCRogtingCodez Get the Baby Bear
    G4YYGDeYiOeSi9 XcOacZuAjszUde Get the Mama Bear
    11ACK6I9JE#Jf@ gHCeoBLaa7y%PE Get the Papa Bear

    Contributed by: strawhat 

  64. Get Secret Clothes

    To get secret clothes, talk to Tom Nook, select ''Other things'' and then select ''Say Code'', then tell him the passwords listed below. Note: that the clothes will not appear in your catalog, so if you want to get more, you will have to tell him the codes again. Remember that the codes are case-sensitive so you have to type them in, exactly as they are seen here.

    Effect Effect
    4UTG548uQKQZGf 1n#%j6LEqj5ZBf Get the Bamboo Robe
    2uiDfAH%AfqmWi ZkyTnDUgQjJ&j% Get the Blue Puffy Vest (worn only by male animals during the fishing tourneys)
    HlljaLzthemmoY IlljazzthemmyG Get the Red Sweatsuit (Worn only by Female animals during the aerobics sessions)
    GetinforfreebY 1dtinforfreebY Get the Somber Robe
    1qWWO6IfB@&q7z 8XzSNrpfyo76ts Get the Summer Robe

    Contributed by: Cool mario 6446 

  65. String Instrument Set passwords

    To get all of the items in the String Instrument Set, go to Tom Nook's store and talk to him. Go to Say Code and input these passwords.

    Effect Effect
    IVZwszqJdn8hxG En7QnKx@P2Yvb8 Get the Bass
    2%QqfhMeRByAY3 OKyYAK9zNHxLo7 Get the Cello
    2%Q2fhMehAyAY3 Z5yYAK9z@HxLo7 Get the Violin

    Contributed by: strawhat 

  66. Vase Set passwords

    To get all of the items in the Vase Set, go to Tom Nook's store and talk to him. Go to Say Code and input these passwords.

    Effect Effect
    #SbaUIRmw#gwkY Bh66qeLMscTY%W Get the Blue Vase
    BDdYX2jeLs2UoH JBl69tIeOEfAN9 Get the Red Vase
    zaI6JzIsJ8HIbT vBGTo9Dk8PVw#L Get the Tea Vase

    Contributed by: strawhat 

  67. Vending Machine Set passwords

    To get all of the items in the Vending Machine Set, go to Tom Nook's store and talk to him. Go to Say Code and input these passwords.

    Effect Effect
    aPZhDjYoeR685 bafZBlkwcRCmqi3 Get the Candy Machine
    E7M6s123412312 1kp45123412312 Get the Coffee Machine
    TwspoGrhumanmY ThRpoorhumanyG Get the Pop Machine
    77r45678912345 E2345678912345 Get the Soda Machine

    Contributed by: strawhat 

  68. Totem Pole Set passwords

    To get some of the items in the Totem Pole Set, go to Tom Nook's store and talk to him. Go to Say Code and input these passwords.

    Effect Effect
    Toad&Mushrooms Bnad&Mushrooms Get the Eagle Pole
    4u%x5fw9GINwLS 9ljjHSoLwZMD7& Get the Frog Woman Pole

    Contributed by: strawhat 

  69. Study Set passwords

    To get all of the items in the Study Set, go to Tom Nook's store and talk to him. Go to Say Code and input these passwords.

    Effect Effect
    Toad&Mushsooms Hmad&Mushdpoms Get the Globe
    Q6&6KQom9DzR35 DfkDC4%EEpCmiR Get the Writing Chair
    Dwpermari4bro3 Sjpermariobro3 Get the Writing Desk

    Contributed by: strawhat 

  70. Tulip Set passwords

    To get all of the items in the Tulip Set, go to Tom Nook's store and talk to him. Go to Say Code and input these passwords.

    Effect Effect
    7kriVma9iom5ro Flrioma9iomaro Get Tulip Chair
    ebucddbkLRgnLg BiMBdbicjCmqi3 Get Tulip Table

    Contributed by: strawhat 

  71. Resetti codes

    The following codes give you regular junk, but they will play Mr. Resetti's song. Also, Resetti will be the one who gives you the junk. Just tell these codes to Tom Nook.

    Note: these codes may not change the background sound if you used the no background music glitch, or any code which alters the background music.

    Effect Effect
    N%L%qi7skeefTY VWRFVC@#QkUdLY Gives Boot
    R%aulwEj9CNTtA xdB3qJG4btPX6L Gives Empty Can
    #O4IvC6DLAo2lR GrcxULMMf4&N2@ Gives Old Tire

    Contributed by: GaryCXJk 

  72. 30,000 bell code

    Go to Tom Nook and talk to him, select "other things" and then select "say code."

    WB28pARAcnownU jMCK%hTk8JHyrT Gives you 30,000 bells

    Contributed by: George64 

  73. Get the Golden Fishing Pole

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Catch one of every kind of fish. Golden Fishing Pole

    Contributed by: CardiacCacalacki 

  74. The Password for the Golden Shovel

    If you don't want to work for the Golden Shovel, then just type in the code below. To do so, go to the store owned by Tom Nook. While talking to him, say ''other things'', then say ''say code''.

    Effect Effect
    TarquterMustje AtLeastHundred Golden Shovel

    Contributed by: thekingofthisgame 

  75. Green Items

    Go to Tom Nook and talk. Select other things, then password.

    Note: For the Green Desk you will need to talk to a villager

    Effect Effect
    MupersmashbloSSgIersmashb5oS Green Bench
    S2ui@kTheuoHH4RGTU6@F71d5GX3 Green Counter
    aD%3RxM3M#X3aoQPRxO8Q8xEITqv Green Desk
    2%Q2fhVeRByAY3Z5yYAK9zNHxLo7 Green Drum
    MupersmashbwoSSupersmashbroS Green Pantry
    MupersmaspbsoSSFIersmashbroS Green Table

    Contributed by: namod65 

  76. All Passwords for the Harvest Set/Series

    Go to the store owned by Tom Nook. While talking to him, say ''other things'', then say ''say code''.

    Effect Effect
    ArariaAndrarah Swurlingtre5&2 Harvest Bed
    Di9xES@sTRJsYY sqO9cb#3UaKHP5 Harvest Bureau
    ifc74nVlY%zoI4 15X@qSEncEKb0V Harvest Chair
    R5ngoARS6I3iVL y&M6IJyNoWUBW4 Harvest Clock
    fi9GES@sTRJsAA sqO9cb#9UaKHI4 Harvest Dresser
    1TWYT6IfB@&q7z 8UzSN1pfij76ts Harvest Lamp
    ZeldainhyruleS NlgendO3Zeldgb Harvest Mirror
    ArariaAndrarah Srurl5ngtre5&2 Harvest Sofa
    vPNH#CJc5yevsB DDQOhQdeKxHydS Harvest Table

    Contributed by: thekingofthisgame 

  77. Debug Mode

    Animal Crossing has a secret debug function called "zurumode." Once activated, you can press buttons on the second and third controllers for various different effects.
    At any point, enter the following button combination on the second controller:

    Debug Mode Hold L and R, then press Z. Then, enter the following: D-UP, C-DOWN, C-UP, D-DOWN, D-LEFT, C-LEFT, C-RIGHT, D-RIGHT, A+B, START.

    Contributed by: Moonkey123 

  78. Spooky Set Passwords!

    Talk to Tom Nook and choose Other Things, then Say Code and enter the following:

    Effect Effect
    2%Q2fhVehAyAY3Z5yYAK9zhHxLo7 Jack-In-The-Box
    2%Q2fhMeRByAY3Z5yYAK9zcHxLo7 Jack-o-Lantern
    GsHinkistinkiS LstinkistinkiS Spooky Bookcase
    linkz2ldaBanon ganonSeldClink Spooky Chair
    2%Q2fhMKRByAY305yYAK9zNHxLo7 Spooky Clock
    piPiES@sTRJmAAshO9cb#9Uh9wO4 Spooky Dresser
    Dar4567a912345Ea3456789e23i5 Spooky Lamp
    SuPermariogolf supermariogOlf Spooky Paper
    2%Q3EhMeRByAY3Z5yYAK9zcHxLo7 Spooky Table
    2%Q2fhMdRByAY3O5yYAK9zNHxLo7 Spooky Vanity
    jePiES@LTRJmAApcddkwe9Uh9wO4 Spooky Wardrobe

    Contributed by: Rouge99, mario masta 

  79. Kiddie Set

    Go to Tom Nook and tell him the following set of passwords.

    Effect Effect
    SupermariobroS AnImAlCa0ssiNG Kiddie Bed
    aPSLHyYoeR685b afoBlkwcRCmqi3 Kiddie Bookcase
    MeeCAKafmeatdY LsatloafmeatdY Kiddie Bureau
    9#S8UItokM6850 h%LOskwcRCmqi3 Kiddie Chair
    IzEiKutsuKiRiY HeCeGtsuBeBiyG Kiddie Clock
    SVpermaoiobroS ABImAlCaOssiNG Kiddie Couch
    StOpPlAyInGThE WOOmwlCrossing Kiddie Dresser
    6LhuwvEDA23fmA dbgnvzbCIBAsyU Kiddie Stereo
    2d345csYd12g45 KqJ4r6k89ej3f5 Kiddie Wardrobe

    Contributed by: Pimple 

  80. Passwords for the ''Lovely'' set

    Tell Tom Nook: Choose ''Other'' from his menu when you talk to him, then choose ''Say Code'', enter code EXACTLY as shown (codes ARE case sensitive)

    Tell Villager: Write any villager a letter, make the first line the key symbol, the second and third lines are for the code. You must manually enter the line breaks (indicated by periods)

    Effect Effect
    Q6&6KQom9DzR35 . 8fLDC4%EEpCmiR Lovely Armchair:Tell: Tom Nook
    Graw5agAEabbag . GrabbagGrabbag Lovely Armchair:Tell: Villager
    Toad&Mushsooms . Hmad&Mushrooms Lovely Chair:Tell: Tom Nook
    Grab5aggEabbag . GrabbagGrabbag Lovely Chair:Tell: Villager
    4u&x5fw9GINwLS . 9ljjHSoLwZMD7& Lovely End Table:Tell: Tom Nook
    B6&6KQom9DzR35 . kfLDC4%EEpCmiR Lovely Kitchen:Tell: Tom Nook
    DwpermKriobro3 . Sjpermariobro3 Lovely Kitchen:Tell: Villager
    GrHb5agbEabbag . GrabbagGrabbag Lovely Lamp:Tell: Villager
    4Ui6TCC8iZcQW3 . dwh%jtLcqjIZBf Lovely Phone:Tell: Tom Nook
    dhoDamnHRADoes . NotLikeMyHouse Lovely Stereo:Tell: Tom Nook
    Uni6ersalClRes . Eniversa2Codes Lovely Vanity:Tell: Tom Nook

    Contributed by: fenara 

  81. Receive the Lucky Nintendo set for free!

    Go to the store owned by Tom Nook. While talking to him, click ''other things'' and then ''say code''.

    Effect Effect
    BCQ4iZFK%i5xqo SnyrjcrwAeDMkQ Luigi Trophy
    ECzihy%rtHbHuk o3XlP3IslEqI#K Mario Trophy

    Contributed by: thekingofthisgame 

  82. Alternate Codes for Nintendo Statues

    You can get the Lucky Nintendo Set for free with this code. There are others codes for them but these codes also work.
    (Note: All codes are case sensitive. You must type exactly as you it. O and 0 look same as do I and l and 1.)

    Effect Effect
    1mWYg6IfB@&q75 8XzSKd6Tuj7Lts Mario Statue

    Contributed by: Gamer SDP 

  83. Random Item Code

    Tell to Tom Nook. Say, 'other things' then 'Say code'.

    Effect Effect
    rbhbSCvhathoBa dzddkweuej9rcd Random Item each time

    Contributed by: Jelly Soup 

  84. A Couple of the Snowman Item Passwords

    Go to the store owned by Tom Nook. While talking to him, say ''other things'', then say ''say code''.

    Effect Effect
    vCTbFPFQciYmWC Zk&TnDUgljJ&jb Snowman Clock
    AkwardwarjraiN AkwardhSrdraiN Snowman Dresser
    4UFG548CQ2QZGf 1n#%jWLEqj5ZBf Snowman Fridge
    vCTbFPFQcxYmWC Zk&TnDUgljJ&jb Snowman Lamp
    4UTG548QQtQZGf In#%j1L7qj5ZRf Snowman Sofa
    4UTG548uQKQZGf 1n#%jNLEqj5ZBf Snowman Table
    4UTG548QQtQZGf ln#%j2LNqj5ZBf Snowman TV
    4UTG548qQKQZGf 1n#%jNLEqj5ZBf Snowman Wardrobe

    Contributed by: thekingofthisgame 

  85. Get ALL the models!

    Tell these to Tom Nook. Select 'other things' and then 'say code'. Some of them need to be told to a vilager. To do that, address a letter to a villager (any villager) and: First line with have the KEY. Next line will have the fist line of the code. Third line will have the last line of code. Then send the letter.

    Effect Effect
    cISIHBYokR685s &%LO&kwcRCmqi3 Tell: Tom Nook - Get Cosmos Model 1
    Ai9xES@sTRJsAA sh09cb#9UaKHA4 Tell: Tom Nook - Get Cosmos Model 2
    fi9xES@sTRJhAA sh09cb#9UaKHl4 Tell: Tom Nook - Get Cosmos Model 3
    LLhOwvrDA22fmt dagnvzbCIBAsyd Tell: Tom Nook - Get Dump Model
    KtsuKiKiHeDeaY IswayinthereyG Tell: Tom Nook - Get Grass Model
    aRShDyYoeR685b afZBlkwcRCmqi3 Tell: Tom Nook - Get House Model
    BuN2up3up4upsG 1up2up3up4ups1 Tell: Tom Nook - Get Katrinas Tent Model
    aRSLDyYoeR685b afoBlkwcRCmqi3 Tell: Tom Nook - Get Lighthouse Model
    a&SLDyYoeR685b afRBlkwcRCmqi3 Tell: Tom nook - Get Locomotive Model
    aRShHyYoeR685b af&BlkwcRCmqi3 Tell: Tom Nook - Get Manor Model
    LLhOwvrDA22fmt dagnvzbCvBAsyU Tell: Tom Nook - Get Museum Model
    fi9GES@sTRJhAA sq09cb#9UaKHL4 Tell: Tom Nook - Get Pansy Model 1
    4UT6T6L89Zn0W3 dw&%jBAcETkayS Tell: Tom Nook - Get Pansy Model 2
    4UT6T648GZ3ZW3 dwb%jtL3qjLZBf Tell: Tom Nook - Get Pansy Model 3
    aRShHyYoeR685b afBBlkwcRCmqi3 Tell: Tom Nook - Get Pink Tree Model
    IseemGaeHpIsee IseemGaeppIsee Tell: Tom Nook - Get Police Model
    4UH6TbA8VZaAW3 dwh%jtLeqj5ZBf Tell: Tom Nook - Get Post Model
    alShDyYoeR685b PfbBlkwcRCmqi3 Tell: Tom Nook - Get Shop Model
    WhatHaveYouGot ForMeTqdayNook Tell: Tom Nook - Get Snowy Tree Model
    1LhOwvrDA23fmt dsgnvzbCIBAsyd Tell: Tom Nook - Get Station Model 1
    ILhOwvrDA23fmt dsgnvzbCIBAsyd Tell: Tom Nook - Get Station Model 11
    SupermariobroS oiImg1Cr0ssiNG Tell: Tom Nook - Get Station Model 12
    aRSLHyYoeR685b afoBlkwcRCmqi3 Tell: Tom Nook - Get Station Model 13
    aRSLDyYoeR685b afRBlkwcRCmqi3 Tell: Tom Nook - Get Station Model 14
    ABoyqndHisBlob ABoeAnuHisBlub Tell: Tom Nook - Get Station Model 15
    a&SLHyYoeR685b afqBlkwcRCmqi3 Tell: Tom Nook - Get Station Model 2
    NI9xES@R8G685r HbG8#8NESgEPIo Tell: Tom nook - Get Station Model 3
    ABoyqndHtsBlob ABoesndHisBlub Tell: Tom Nook - Get Station Model 4
    yUF6T6X8iZn0WU dwk%j8x@qjLZBf Tell: Tom Nook - Get Station Model 5
    a&SLDyYoeR685b afoBlkwcRCmqi3 Tell: Tom Nook - Get Station Model 6
    E7M6t5x4A3d2fi E7M6s5x4A3d2fl Tell: Tom Nook - Get Station Model 7
    ABoyqndHysBlob ABoesndHisBlob Tell: Tom Nook - Get Station Model 8
    QtiXgIAGfe2AI7 WwBZBBWW&PulBC Tell: Tom Nook - Get Station Model 9
    a&SLHyYoeR685b afQBlkwcRCmqi3 Tell: Tom Nook - Get Tailor Model
    Ai9xES@sTRJsYY sh09cb#9Vak#I4 Tell: Tom Nook - Get Tent Model
    a&SLeyYoeR685b afRBlkwcRCmqi3 Tell: Tom Nook - Get Track Model
    RsEenejcktIsee DseenejcktIsee Tell: Tom Nook - Get Tree Model
    Di9GES@sTRJhYY sq09cb#3UaKHP5 Tell: Tom Nook - Get Tulip Model 1
    Di9xES@sTRJhYY scO9cb#9UaKHL4 Tell: Tom Nook - Get Tulip Model 2
    fi9xES@sTRJsYY sc09cb#9Vak#I4 Tell: Tom Nook - Get Tulip Model 3
    yUF6T6L8iZn0WU ywU%jtx@qjLZBf Tell: Tom Nook - Get Weed Model
    a&ShHyYoeR685b afABlkwcRCmqi3 Tell: Tom Nook - Get Well Model
    4HT6T948YZnOW3 dji%jtLEqj5ZBf Tell: Villager - Get Dirt Model

    Contributed by: Jelly Soup 

  86. All passwords for Classic set

    Tell these to Tom Nook. Select 'other things' and then 'say code'. Some of them need to be told to a vilager. To do that, address a letter to a villager (any villager) and: First line with have the KEY. Next line will have the fist line of the code. Third line will have the last line of code. Then send the letter.

    Effect Effect
    BF&6KQom9DzR35 RfLDC4%EepcmiR Tell: Tom Nook - Get: Classic Cabinet
    11ACK6I9JE#Jf@ gHCeoBLaa7Y%PE Tell: Tom Nook - Get: Classic Chair
    rc&c5qw9baamLS gljjHSoLwZMD7& Tell: Tom Nook - Get: Classic Clock
    rxdfqdasdasdas masdasdasdasda Tell: Tom Nook - Get: Classic Desk
    5ePiES@sTRQmAA sh&9cb#9Uh9w04 Tell: Tom Nook - Get: Classic Hutch
    B6&6KQom9DzR35 RfyDC4%EEpCmiR Tell: Tom Nook - Get: Classic Sofa
    Toad&Mushsooms Hmad&Mushdooms Tell: Tom Nook - Get: Classic Table
    OainktothepasT qninktothepasT Tell: Tom Nook - Get: Classic Wall
    KtsuKuKeGiKunY ItsuReSeZeNiyG Tell: Tom Nook - Get: Classic Wardrobe
    Za2&3&4&5&6&7& 1&2&3&4&5&6&7& Tell: Tom Nook - Get:: Classic Vanity

    Contributed by: Jelly Soup 

  87. KK Music Passwords

    If it says to tell Tom Nook, talk to him, go to ''Other'', then ''Say Code''. Enter the code exactly as seen below, Note that codes ARE case sensitive.
    If it says to tell a villager, write any villager a letter, with the first line being the key symbol that is at the top right side of the keyboard on screen, and the next two lines being the code. You must manually line break with the enter key on the onscreen keyboard (the arrow that points down and then turns to point left).
    I also suggest copying and pasting the code to a text file so you can be sure that you can read it properly (you know how the letter O and number 0 look alike, well, the uppercase i and lowercase L tend to look a lot alike, too.)

    The periods are in there to show where to line break.

    Effect Effect
    69UIKKdcMs%Qrs . nj#H@ooBWIWok5 Tell: Tom Nook to get K.K. Only Me
    Oqtjq2f&4MOru9 . IM8dr2pYkxqla# Tell: Tom Nook to get K.K. Condor
    69UFKKdcMs%Qrs . ij#H@ooBWlWok5 Tell: Tom Nook to get K.K. I Love You
    Dozdey@DiddysD . Donkey@DiddysD Tell: Tom Nook to get K.K. Mambo
    NbfDGWIeSLYAAC . u6iMwbzCGvFs&Q Tell: Tom Nook to get K.K. D&B
    69UIKkdcMs%Qrs . nj#H@ooBWlWOk5 Tell: Tom Nook to get K.K. Rock
    1CT1DOY4k36851 . r4#613wcRCmqir Tell: Tom Nook to get K.K. Ska
    jePccCvLTRJoBA . Tcddkwe9ej9rz4 Tell: Tom Nook to get K.K. Song
    3%J%wCcdSxWiIt . givJMjsAznGVDB Tell: Tom Nook to get K.K. Steppe
    Pi9xAT@bUEioH8 . sz09bc#9pbFKb4 Tell: Tom Nook to get K.K. Western
    PunehMeOutBoyS . PuncEMeOutBoyS Tell: Villager to get K.K. Casbah
    PunehMeOutBoy8 . PuncyMeOutBoyS Tell: Villager to get K.K. Cruisin
    PunehMeOutBoy8 . PunchMeOutBoyS Tell: Villager to get K.K. Samba
    jePccCvLTtJoBA . pcddkwe9ej9rc4 Tell: Villager to get K.K. Song
    PunehMeOuVBoyS . PunchMeOutBoyS Tell: Villager to get K.K. Soul
    BunehMeOutBoyS . PunchMeOutBoyS Tell: Villager to get K.K. Swing

    Contributed by: fenara 

  88. Infinite 100 Turnips

    The following passwords will ensure that you will never, ever be short of cash again. Simply ''Say Code'' the first password to Tom Nook three times in a row for three ''100 Turnips'' items, and mail the second code to every animal in your village for however many more 100 Turnips.

    Note: When mailing villagers, you must put the Key icon -- located in the top-right corner of your Letters keyboard(in the game) -- in the first line. The code to the villagers must be typed as follows:


    Line breaks can be found in the last key of the third row of symbols on the Letters page of your typing keyboard(in the game).

    Effect Effect
    aPShDyYoeR685b afcAlkwcRCmqi3 Upon telling Tom Nook, he will tell you you've won a contest with a glitched name, and give you 100 Turnips. Can be used three times daily.
    mRSMDqYokR685s &%OL&kwcRCmqi3 Write this in a letter to any or all animals in your village.

    Contributed by: JosephLithius 

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