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Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Campaign Mode Aircraft Used For Arcade Mode

    Finish all 16 stages in Arcade Mode. Afterwards, Mobius 1 will be able to pilot all 53 aircraft unlocked (paint schemes included) and bought in Campaign Mode but, with limited ammunition (20 missiles, 4 special weapons).

    Note: You MUST load your saved data in Campaign Mode first to be able to use the planes you own in Arcade Mode.

    Contributed by: AlphaOmegaSid 

  2. Mission 27 tunnel glitch.

    On mission 27, "Aces", you are able to complete the level without having to traverse the entire tunnel. Here is what you do:
    Play the level as normal until the tunnel is opened. Instead of flying into the entrance, fly North towards the exit of the tunnel. It should be directly North of the entrance.
    Once you find it, approach it from the side so you can just barely enter the tunnel and turn back out. If done correctly, Bartlett will say"I'm right in front of you Kid. On the count of three, break right."
    Once he says that, fly back to the entrance of the tunnel, and enter it. Fly through it as you normally would, but when you destroy the target inside, the cut scene of the Razgriz exiting the tunnel will start, and the level will end.
    Note: You can not get the special colored aircraft inside the tunnel if you do this.

    Contributed by: Colonel_Asshat 

  3. Pac-Man ghost in mission 16A

    In mission 16A "Desert Arrow", the ground is mostly desert with lots of circular patches of green (farmland, I suppose). One patch is in the shape of a Pac-Man ghost. To find it, go to grid section 5D (upper left grid is 1A, with numbers going across and letters going down). It's in the northern middle section of the grid.

    Contributed by: Lou Cyphre 

  4. I can see you Hrimfaxi.

    On the mission Demons of Razgriz you have to fight the Hrimfaxi. While you fight it, it will dive back into the water and pop up someplace else. Well, if you climb to an altitude of 7,000 feet or more, and you look down with the right control stick, you can see where Hrimfaxi is hiding in the water. This will give you an advantage when you need to know where it will pop up next.

    Contributed by: RogueAshaman 

  5. Special Commemorative Message

    Upon completing every mission on the Ace Difficulty while obtaining an "S" Rank, you'll recieve a special message from the developers during your final debriefing.

    Contributed by: Mobius2004 

  6. Defeating the 8492nd Squadron During ''8492''

    In order to obtain an "S" Rank on this mission, you must engage and destroy members of the 8492nd Squadron. Upon a first glance, this may prove difficult as these enemies use ECM almost exclusivley. In order to prevent this, destory the E-767 Jammer Aircraft accompanying the 8492nd.

    The E-767 is the first enemy aircraft targeted once the 8492nd Squadron appears. Be careful to evade the initial barrage of missiles and destory the jammer. Giving your Wingmen the ATTACK Command while the facing the target is most likely easier than trying to destory the plane yourself.

    Contributed by: Mobius2004 

  7. Unlock the falken

    Get the mission parts from 12a,12b,16a,16b and 27a

    Contributed by: Ecstacy2003 

  8. Unlocking Aircraft

    Each flyable aircraft in the game has a small horizontal bar underneath the aircraft name on the aircraft selection box. This is the 'Kill Bar'. In order to get the other variants of certain aircraft that are part of a family, you'll need to fill this all the way up by destroying enemy targets. You must gain a certain amount of points (cumulative) with an aircraft in the family of the plane you want. The amount of points you need to earn will differ with each aircraft. For the stronger and better planes, you will need to earn more points to unlock it's new variant. After filling up the Kill Bar of the desired plane, the next aircraft in the aircraft family will become available for purchase at the 'Buy' screen. Kill Bars can be filled up in both Campaign and Free Mission mode.

    The aircraft that are the first variants of their families are obtained by completing certain missions in the game, and will become available after completing them.

    NOTE: Aircraft that have only one variant in the aircraft family (ex. MiG-29A, MiG-1.44) will have their Kill Bars already filled up when you buy them, so you do not have to fill up their Kill Bars at all. The last plane in each family will also have its Kill Bar filled up already.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Complete Mission 7 A-10A Thunderbolt II
    Complete Mission 4 A-6E Intruder
    Earn 90200 points with the F/A-18E EA-18G Growler
    Earn 43200 points with the A-6E EA-6B Prowler
    Complete Mission 16A EF-2000 Typhoon
    Complete Mission 15 F-117A Nighthawk
    Complete Mission 9 F-14A Tomcat
    Earn 47450 points with the F-14A F-14B Bomcat
    Earn 56250 with the F-14B F-14D Super Tomcat
    Complete Mission 12A F-15C Eagle
    Earn 95450 with the F-15C F-15E Strike Eagle
    Earn 95450 with the F-15C F-15S/MTD
    Earn 65450 points with the F-16C F-16 Block60
    Complete Mission 6 F-16C Fighting Falcon
    Earn 65450 points with the F-16C F-16XL
    Earn 19800 points with the F-5E F-20A Tigershark
    Earn 65450 points with the F-16C F-2A
    Complete Mission 16A F-35C Joint Srike Fighter
    Complete Mission 3 F-4E Phantom II
    Earn 12800 points with the F-4E F-4G Wild Weasel
    Earn 47450 points with the F-4G F-4X
    Available from the start of the game F-5E Tiger II
    Complete Mission 6 F/A-18C Hornet
    Earn 51800 points with the F/A-18C F/A-18E Super Hornet
    Complete Mission 17 F/A-22A Raptor
    Destroy all FALKEN Hangars and complete the missions in which they appear on Normal or higher difficulty FALKEN
    Earn 123200 points with the F/A-22A FB-22 Concept
    Complete Mission 19 Hawk T.1A
    Complete Mission 15 JAS-39C Gripen
    Complete Mission 25 MiG 1.44
    Earn 80000 points with the MiG-21bis MiG-21-93
    Complete Mission 3 MiG-21bis Fishbed
    Complete Mission 7 MiG-29A Fulcrum
    Complete Mission 9 MiG-31 Foxhound
    Earn 65450 points with the MiG-31 MiG-31M
    Complete Mission 7 Mirage 2000
    Earn 35000 points with the Mirage 2000 Mirage 2000D
    Earn 46000 points with the Rafale M Rafale B
    Complete Mission 16B Rafale M
    Complete Mission 12B SU-27 Flanker
    Earn 129050 points with the SU-47 SU-32
    111800 with the SU-27 SU-32 Strike Flanker
    111800 with the SU-27 SU-35 Super Flanker
    123200 with the SU-35 SU-37 Terminator
    Complete Mission 17 SU-47 Berkut
    Earn 56250 with the Tornado Gr.Mk.1 Tornado ECR
    Earn 56250 with the Tornado Gr.Mk.1 Tornado F3
    Complete Mission 9 Tornado Gr.Mk.1
    Earn 56250 with the Tornado Gr.Mk.1 Tornado Gr.Mk.4
    Unlock and purchase at least one of every aircraft in the game X-02 Wyvern
    Earn 60800 points with the F-20A X-29A
    Earn 85050 points with the A-10A YA-10B
    Complete Mission 16B YF-23A Black Widow II

    Contributed by: retributiontomcat 

  9. 15 Honorary Medals

    Unlocking AC5: UW Medals can be done in Campaign Mode or Free Mission Mode.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Destroy 200 enemy targets. Bronze Ace Medal
    Down 5 enemy planes (cumulative) with ONLY machine gun fire from your aircraft. Bronze Shooter Medal
    Earn 'S' Ranks on all 32 missions on "Normal" handicap. Bronze Wing Medal
    Aid friendlies in Missions 16A or 16B, no more than 3 can bite the dust. Desert Eagle Medal
    Destroy 1000 enemy targets. Gold Ace Medal
    Protect the Kestral and fleet in Mission 3: Narrow Margin. Gold Anchor Medal
    Down 50 enemy planes (cumulative) with ONLY machine gun fire from your aircraft. Gold Shooter Medal
    Earn 'S' Ranks on all 32 missions on "Expert" handicap. Gold Wing Medal
    Annihilate all 16 named planes in second play-through on "Normal" or higher handicaps. Grand Falcon Medal
    Down 10 enemy aircraft who have a missile lock on your wingmen's six. Guardian Medal
    Protect all 8 armored tanks on ground, not even one can be destroyed. Lightning Hammer Medal
    Get "Perfect" phrases from AWACS in all 6 landings and 2 refuelings stages. Needle's Eye Medal
    Destroy 500 enemy targets. Silver Ace Medal
    Down 15 enemy planes (cumulative) with ONLY machine gun fire from your aircraft. Silver Shooter Medal
    Earn 'S' Ranks on all 32 missions on "Hard" handicap. Silver Wing Medal

    Contributed by: AlphaOmegaSid 

  10. SP Color Schemes

    All planes must be bought before obtaining color.
    Can be done in Free Mission Mode.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Shoot down ABELCAIN in Mission 16B EA-18G
    Shoot down DUNE in Mission 10 EA-6B
    Shoot down ZIPANG in Mission 3 F-14D
    Clear Arcade Mode F-22A
    Shoot down CYPHER in Mission 18 F-2A
    Shoot down MINDRIPPER in Mission 4 F-4G
    Complete Expert difficulty with all S and/or A ranks Falken
    Shoot down PROTEUS in Mission 17 FB-22
    Shoot down GIGANTOR in Mission 1 Hawk
    Shoot down REPLICATOR in Mission 27+ MIG-1.44
    Shoot down SWORDKILL in Mission 23 MIG-21-93
    Shoot down COSM in Mission 16A MIG-31M
    Shoot down ZAHARADA in Mission 6 MIR-2000D
    Shoot down DECODER in Mission 26 Rafale B
    Shoot down YELLOW in Mission 27 SU-37
    Shoot down TWICE DEAD in Mission 18+ TND-ECR
    Complete Hard difficulty with all S and/or A ranks X-02
    Shoot down DAREDEVIL in Mission 15 X-29A
    Shoot down DISTANTTHUNDER in Mission 25 YA-10B

    Contributed by: Jaeger0079 

  11. Unlock Expert and Ace modes

    To unlock the two extra difficulty settings Expert and Ace modes, complete the campian on Normal.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Complete Normal mode Expert and Ace modes

    Contributed by: MRadford 

  12. Extra Music Tracks

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat Arcade Mode on any route to add 13 more tunes for a total of 64 musical scores in the Music Player. Extra Music

    Contributed by: AlphaOmegaSid 

  13. Unlockable Planes

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Successfully complete arcade mode to unlock the F22A. F22A
    Get all the other aircraft except for the Falken to unlock the X-02. X-02
    Destroy all 5 FALKEN hangars to unlock the YF-23A (NOTE:unlike the US and JP versions of the game,you can only unlock the YF-23A this way in EU). YF-23A Black Widow II

    Contributed by: Oskosx, FALKENPrototype 

  14. CG Cut Scenes Viewer

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Finish the game once GC Viewer

    Contributed by: Leifang2000 

  15. New Save Icon

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Get 'S' Ranks on all 32 missions on "Ace" difficulty to change the memory card save icon of AC5: UW from a grayish F-14 Tomcat paint scheme to the Razgriz F-14 Tomcat paint scheme of black and red. New Save Icon

    Contributed by: AlphaOmegaSid 

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Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

    Obtain all trophies and become a true ace pilot! ACE MASTER
    Complete all missions on ACE difficulty with an S-rank. ACE WING
    Rescue President Harling. ANCIENT WALLS
    Destroy 200 enemy targets. BRONZE ACE
    Destroy 5 enemy aircraft using only machine guns. BRONZE SHOOTER
    Complete all missions on NORMAL difficulty with an S-rank. BRONZE WING
    Sink the Hrimfaxi. DEMONS OF RAZGRIZ
    Contribute to ground operations and keep friendly forces' casualties to a minimum. DESERT EAGLE
    Help Grimm take to the air safely. FIRST FLIGHT
    Destroy all of the Ofnir Squadron's fighters. GHOSTS OF RAZGRIZ
    Destroy 1000 enemy targets. GOLD ACE
    Defend the Kestrel and its fleet. GOLD ANCHOR
    Destroy 50 enemy aircraft using only machine guns. GOLD SHOOTER
    Complete all missions on EXPERT difficulty with an S-rank. GOLD WING
    Destroy all named aircraft in one mission. GRAND FALCON
    Shoot down 10 enemy aircraft with a missile lock on your wingmen. GUARDIAN
    Destroy all of the Grabacr Squadron's fighters. HEARTBREAK ONE
    Perform a memorial flyby over the stadium. JOURNEY HOME
    Provide close air support to ground forces and keep casualties to a minimum. LIGHTNING HAMMER
    Complete one of the routes in Arcade Mode. MOBIUS 1
    Earn the highest rating in all landing and refueling missions. NEEDLE’S EYE
    Complete all missions. RAZGRIZ
    Complete Arcade Mode with an SSS rank. RIBBON
    Complete your first mission. SHOREBIRDS
    Destroy 500 enemy targets. SILVER ACE
    Destroy 15 enemy aircraft using only machine guns. SILVER SHOOTER
    Complete all missions on HARD difficulty with an S-rank. SILVER WING
    Prevent the SOLG from crashing into the capital. THE UNSUNG WAR
    Complete all tutorials. TUTORIAL
    Help the Mass Driver successfully launch the SSTO. WHITE BIRD

    Contributed by: Mookiethebold