Great game to pick up and with with your friends

User Rating: 7.9 | Fuzion Frenzy XBOX
Frenzy Frenzy for the XBOX is a good enough game to add to a gamer's collection. Solid gameplay, tons of different games to play, not much you have to unlock so, you can get right into with friends and explore the game and pretty much sift through the game and find the ones you like.

This is strictly a multiplayer game in my eyes. I just can't see myself sitting down and playing this game alone. I don't think the game has enough going on to keep a solitary gamer interested, but that's not what the game was made for. It does its job nicely enough to hold a group of drunken friends attention long enough to get a good long laugh.

The number of games to choose from is great, but the selection of the games is different. A lot of the games seem random and stupid, but they are fun enough to play once or twice. When you find a games you like though, they become instant classics. For instance, my friends and I always play Twisted Systems. It's a game were you walking/jogging around this screw type pathways, and you either jump or duck what's coming around the corner. Jump to early or duck to late and you get hit by the obstacle. The sound you hear when you get hit is plain funny, that alone keeps us playing that particular game for a good hour.

There really isn't much to say about this game as in breaking it down, besides: good number of game to choose from, strictly multiplayer, bad AI, and just plain fun. People who don't have friends over regularly should rent this game, but people who have open minded gaming friends that play games almost everyday should buy this. It may surprise you how much you and your friends will actually enjoy playing this game.