Great fun... but, how long will the fun last?

User Rating: 7 | FTL: Faster Than Light PC
I like the game. I did not regret spending my $9 on it. It is innovative, new and whats best, does not follow the boring mediocrity recipes from the big studios.

The game is easy to pick up. Tutorial is short but explains all you need to get started. And you can jump in immediately.

Mechanics are fun, mix of strategy in the ship guiding your crew members and outside, trying to best enemy captains. No two games are the same, but you do see similarities in individual battles after a few plays.

My only, and not such a small, problem with FTL is that it requires lots of replaying. It is not a long game where you spend weeks or months nurturing your crew. Rather a play-through lasts an hour or two, and then you are required to start over and hope to do better. The problem is that even though the battles and maps are randomly generated, the guts of the game are not, and after a few play-throughs you can definitely feel it. Whats more, one mistake, and you have to start from the beginning... I don't like replaying the same part over...

In conclusion, I recommend this game. Strongly to those people who don't mind replaying. Not so strongly but still definitely to all others. The game is well worth the price, it supports an independent developer, and I hope the guys will not stop here and deliver more quality games.