A great sequel to Metal Gear Revengeance. :D

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No reviews? Oh well....*whistles*

Slice and dice fruits while trying to achieve the highest score. Plain simple.

Remember the MGR trailer where they showed Raiden slicing up a watermelon? Well, this is the sequel of MGR where Raiden decided to retire from killing people, cyborgs, and robots and take up culinary lessons instead. Cooking Mama would be proud.

Slice fruits with a swipe of a finger or even by just merely touching it. Critical hits earn you more score. Slicing a couple of fruits in one fell swoop will result in a combo and nets you even more score. There are even special fruits that'll help you earn more score but watch out for bombs. Hitting a bomb would result in game over.

Customize slicing effects and what slicing board you want to use. Unlock them by meeting certain requirements. Like for example, slicing 50 bananas.

That's all there is to it. It's not much but it's plain fun.

Every now and then.