This hits every type of gamer out there. Its worth trying out, since there is no fee.

User Rating: 8.5 | Free Realms PC
After reading reviews in some gaming magazines, I wanted to see what all the commotion of over 3 million subscribers was doing. So I logged on and there I was in the middle of a world of fantasy. I have played many MMOs and this is definitely different. It's very relaxing with no pressure, and yet has all the attributes of a MMO, Arcade, Puzzles, and any other type of genre you can think of. Im hooked! Once on, if you become bored, just go into a different job or stop and play some chess or checkers. Mining is a riot. It's like Bejeweled, sort of as a match three. You can have pets, friends and of course enemies. You can play for free, or if you want more characters, there is a small fee, very small. I have decided to pay the small fee, and get more characters out there. This game is great for children as well as adults. I highly recommend it to beginners, who have never played an MMO and would like to try, and to the experienced for just relaxation.