Boring, Dreadfully boring

User Rating: 4 | Forza Motorsport 5 (Racing Game of the Year Edition) XONE

The first thing I noticed about Forza 5 was the annoyingly long cutscenes and voice-over works, Which you sadly can't skip. And honestly, It's a racing game. You do not need to go into the drawn out explanation about which mode does which. It's just dumb and it brings the pace of the game to a grinding halt so let's hope they fix that in future instalments.

Now what I actually really like about the game is how it looks. The game looks stunning. The cars look incredibly realistic and are very well designed. However, despite the amazing visual aspect of the game, The race tracks are very basic and uninspired. They lack originality and that's a big disappointment to me. Also, I am very disappointed with the lack of a quality soundtrack in this game. Everyone likes to jam to music as they race. The developer really could have stepped up with a good rock or metal soundtrack to really get things pumping and add some much-needed excitement to this game.

Thus leading me to the next aspect of the game that I would like to address: It's boring. I can't bother to play more than two or three races at a time before I have to stop. It's such a mundane experience playing this game, It's incredibly difficult to get into let alone actually play for hours on end.

Another thing I would like to address is how poorly the layout of this game is designed. There are so many menus and submenus, a lot of needlessly long navigation. It should have been a bit more simplified and smoother. It also takes far too long to apply upgrades to your car, Most of which only make your car faster and have no cosmetic effect. The lack of customization options is a disappointment and should be expanded upon in future games. The last racing game I played was Need for Speed Underground 2 and I still feel like that game offered way more customization than this one.

Now coming down to the content of the game. There's a lot of races to do and a lot of cars to buy but let's be honest, It's such a boring game that you probably aren't even gonna bother with most of it. The DLC adds a lot more content that is severally missing from the base game but most of it isn't even worth going through. A couple more cars and some boring tracks to play on, Big deal.

Overall: 4/10
It's just a bore-fest. I can't even bother to put any more hours than I already put into it because it's such a bland game to play. There's nothing original about it, There are no features in this game that stand out among any other racing game ever. Every hit franchise has that one edge over the other and I feel that the only edge Forza may have is graphically and that only carries you so far.