Xbox One games with cheaper region price

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Hey guys!

I'm new on this forum and its my first thread. I wanna intreduce myself. So I'm living in Ukraine and here doesn't exist official XBOX store and I'm able change regions and buy XBOX One games cheaper with my ukrainian banking card.

If you are interesting buy some games cheaper You can write me to email or add me in skype.

Here You can see some bought games -

Here You can see video prove that I'm able buy games from another region -

I hope You will use my service and will leave reviews and questions in this thread.

I'm agree buy game without fee forfirstreview.

My contacts here:

- email

- live:xboxsalesx skype

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Sounds pretty Sketchy to me. Why don't you buy a few and post the eBay links?

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@the-a-baum: Because people who want buy game thru me can tell me game name and I will buy it.

If you want more reviews for be sure that it is work, write on my e-mail.