What do you eat/drink while you play games?

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#1 Posted by erv (105 posts) -

I usually drink root bear or water... and I usually eat Chips(Pringles - Oringinal) or a bowl of cereal(cinnamon toast crunch) while im playing video games.

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#2 Posted by Fredrick2003x (2056 posts) -
I try not to eat at all when I am playing games, but I do seem to always find myself with Arby's roast beef and curly fries while I am playing.
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#3 Posted by kc91 (490 posts) -

awarded most useless thread on the internet...hhaha just kiddin but i eat anything and everything near me

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#4 Posted by erv (105 posts) -
ahah everyone gets the munchies especially during game time!
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#5 Posted by david60639 (6951 posts) -
It used to be 2 liter bottles of pop...now I'm leaning more towards water.
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#6 Posted by readingfc_1 (2548 posts) -

Relentless FTW!!!!!1!!!

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#7 Posted by steveslugga (1344 posts) -
a bottle of Jack Daniels & some Doritos lol
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#8 Posted by TheGTAvaccine (3591 posts) -
Right now,a lotof halloween candy. On non-halloween days, nothing, or water. And energy drinks are disgusting and horrible for you, if you dont use the energy by the way.
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#9 Posted by Mr_Stucko (102 posts) -
Mass quantities of sweet chilli heat chips and nestea/coke is how i get down.
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#10 Posted by Starshootr (280 posts) -

Who needs food or drink when you can constantly inject yourself with Performance Enhancing Steroids? :lol:

I don't drink the caffeen or "energy drink" crap. Artificial stimulants screw around with your brain, altering the chemicals and functions. Pretty soon, drink enough of them and you'll pick up an addiction, in which your brain will stop functioning at it's usual rate and speed. As a result, you'll constantly need a boost just to get to normal. Not to mention the freaky-ass chemicals you're not injesting. It's all in the science.

I try not to eat during hardcore gaming, but will eat dinner while playing recreationally or with friends. I only drink water because of... well, the paragraph above.

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#11 Posted by BikerPunk (966 posts) -
nachos, with nacho cheese dip (the microwave kind), Beer (kokanee ro Rickards Red) or sometimes tea if the wife is making it.
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#12 Posted by forgot_my_name (558 posts) -


Eat=Nothing, gets the controllers greasy, you people are disgusting pigs.

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#13 Posted by BikerPunk (966 posts) -


Eat=Nothing, gets the controllers greasy, you people are disgusting pigs.


napkins for the win.

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#14 Posted by lionheart1981oz (586 posts) -

I drink good ol coffee.

No food tho because it gets my controllers dirty. I eat before and after gaming.

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#15 Posted by EchoFlame (211 posts) -

whatever i can find... itry not to eat anything greasy

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#17 Posted by cgoliver (160 posts) -
beer... currently Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.
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#18 Posted by HoVDaHuSTLa1 (1288 posts) -
Drink=Hennessy, Eat=16oz NY Strip Steak with mashpotatoes while having the cutting knife where my trigger finger is held and the fork on the other, all while playing a Ranked match on Halo 3. Ripley's Believe it or Not!
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#19 Posted by W3dotCOM (1942 posts) -
I've always got a glass or bottle beside me, and if I'm planning on a marathon, I'll grab something healthier, like crackers.
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#20 Posted by MacDonald_3536 (25 posts) -

Usually I'll eat something non greasy, like veggies or maybe a sandwitch or fruit (if it's not really juicy). To drink, usually I'll have a water, or a can of pop. If I'm in a really weird mood, I'll drink a glass of milk.

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#21 Posted by kozzy1234 (35966 posts) -


- Pepsi

- Gingerale

- Santa Cruz Concord Grape


- Chips or triscuit crackers

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#22 Posted by AmargaVida (812 posts) -
I usually eat everything... Drink all kinds of things... What I hate is when im done playing I feel like I didnt eat anything, im gonna get sickhuge for real...
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#23 Posted by Staryoshi87 (12760 posts) -
Mountain Lightning (Off-brand Mountain Dew) and whatever food is readily available.
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#24 Posted by matt2012 (373 posts) -
I usually drink Dr. Pepper.
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#25 Posted by clyde46 (49061 posts) -

cannot beat this stuff. if i could have it in a drip in my arm then i would.

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#26 Posted by Animal-Mother (27357 posts) -
the blood of the innocent! and two scoops of their flesh!
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#27 Posted by agile235 (123 posts) -

For drink water or orange juice and for food some kind of cracker or a peanut butter sandwich.

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#28 Posted by bonafide3210 (155 posts) -
i learned from past experiences that eating while playing games does not work, i always get buttons stuck into the controller, on my ps2 i had a square button that was pushed in and stuck. btw i always ate pizza and drank PURPLE STUFF.
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#29 Posted by callen3 (1289 posts) -
Vodka, straight-up, and cheese-filled cinnamon rolls.
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#30 Posted by erv (105 posts) -

so much halloween candy to eat!!!