Trade in value for Xbox 360 Slim 250 GB from Gamestop?

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Looking to trade in my xbox 360 slim 250 GB with wireless controller for a ps3 at gamestop ( I REALLY WANT TO PLAY LAST OF US) and I am tired of the 360 and its games.  Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knew the trade in value of the system at gamestop. I would sell it on Ebay or Amazon but been scammed one to many times on those sites.  Last time I checked at gamestop back in like April the trade in value was like 80 bucks or something. Which is okay because I also have 8 games to trade as well which should help with the price of a used ps3. But anyone know for sure what the trade in price is? Any gamestop employee's in the house? 

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It's around $80 in store credit, maybe a few more.
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Sorry I meant $56
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#4 Posted by MonsieurX (37417 posts) - a PS3? Or sell it over kijiji\craiglist
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Craigslist it....seriously
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Craigslist it....seriouslyTrapMuzik92
Craigslist it....seriouslyTrapMuzik92
Yeah really. Or just keep it and pony up the difference for a used ps3 out of pocket. Not worth it to get so little from them. It still has good games to replay.
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Why dont you just call gamestop and ask them yourself? Its a lot faster.

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Call them and ask.  It is their job to tell you.