Titanfall, hacking spectres?

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Does anyone know how many spectres you can hack and have fighting along side of you?

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So what do you think of the game? It took me 3 days to download mine on my slower internet but I played a little last night and I have to say, I don't know why but I'm finding it kind of boring. I think it's the minions in the game. I have a hard time telling them from pilots, Knowing there are AI bots all over the place takes away the feel of a true multiplayer game for me. So far I like it but I don't love it. What's your take?

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I don't know the answer to the hacking limit, but I do have a response to the suade907 comment. The biggest reason to hack the specters is BECAUSE people have a hard time telling them from actual players. They follow you around and draw fire from you while taking potshots at enemy titans you decide to rodeo. And if you really have too much of a hard time telling them from pilots, try getting the minion detector perk... it shows the NPCs as yellow dots on your radar... PROBLEM SOLVED!

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Just shoot them, problem solved. In the games I have played they sure aren't all over the place. I find the game anything but boring, so many different things to do in so little time.

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As much as you want, but hacking spectres takes time so people don't usually bother.

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I use the 'Icepick' skill and Hack anything and everything I can : ) Not sure how many Spectres you can have as ive only had a maximum of 4 before either I die or they do : )