Question about Xbox 360 with broken seal (from being opened)

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So awhile back I opened my console to fix the RROD problem myself (as my warranty had expired).

Now I'm looking to sell the console, but I'm wondering if I need to warn people this console could become a paperweight sometime down the line.

Will Microsoft still fix 360s with a broken seal for the same price as an out-of-warranty 360? Or do they just refuse and send them back, still broken?


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Money talks mate. If you're paying of course they'll fix it for you, whereas if it was still under warranty no they wouldn't cover it.

As for selling it to someone the choice is up to you whether you want to warn them or not, i personally would because i hate lying and being good is in my nature (hehe for the most part) but i'll let you decide on that one. Good luck with the sale.

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I agree with BattleSpectre,if you sell it be honest so you dont start a war with someone and ya they would probably fix it if paid for,I had mine opened with a friend to have a look and then sent it in with the RROD and they sent it back saying it was tampered with in which I did nothing with it but this was also through warranty so paying may be a difference.Good Luck!