Playing your B/C games without a disc?

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This is off of Google when I did a search about backwards compatibility. I'm assuming it is a DRM thing but it is annoying to go and dig games out of my decently sized collection to play a game. Is there a way to play the games we own on disc without inserting it? Would Microsoft allow it? I'm guessing it is to prevent friends from sharing games and then they leave and play without the disc. In my opinion they should at least do this for games that can be played multiplayer. Kind of like how the original Starcraft and Diablo 1 did back in the 90's.

" Do I need the disc for backwards compatibility?Some games in the backwards compatible list do still come on disc. In that case, you'll need to insert the original disc into your Xbox One and the console will download it to the hard drive. You'll still need to have the disc in the console in order to play the game.Sep 12, 2017"

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Dumb argument. What’s to stop you from reselling the game once you download it? The disc ensures you own the game. If you want to go discless, buy the game online.

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Buy it digitally, by now most games see discounts and can be gotten for $5 at some point, look for weekly Deals w/ Gold discounts they're always cycling BC games in cheap.