Petition : Ubisoft please put ambient music while free roaming in AC : Black Fla

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#1 Posted by heshesh (25 posts) -

Don't do the same mistake twice Ubisoft let us choose if we wanna have ambient music while free roaming in the menu option.
Don't do it like AC 3 give us some Ambient music while free roaming.

Fin (that's my opinion,but please feel free to debate on that matter.)

I mean even in Revelation it had ambient music :

Here is the petition : click on the link below (if you're for a petition please sign in the petition below so our voices could be heard)

I'm gonna try to make this thread on others forums such as the british forum or the aussie try to PASS THE WORD !

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It all depends.  The ambient music in ACII was very well done, but I would rather have silence than the ambient music in Brotherhood.

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#3 Posted by Soulreavercross (19890 posts) -
Let ubisoft make their games how THEY want to. If you have a problem with it, then don't buy the game. Simple.