Is the Kinect worth keeping? Any good for use in Fifa or Madden?

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I just got the 4GB with Kinect. I don't know if I should keep it or get rid of it. Is it worth keeping? Any games that are really worth playing on there? I know it comes with Kinect Adventures and Disneyland but I doubt thos games will interest me very much. I do have Madden and Fifa so I don't know if the games are any good on Kinect. What do you all think? Thanks
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I bought one last Christmas for 30 bucks and i traded it in for 20 bucks six month's later. It is a gimmick that you will get bored of very quickly. Almost all of the software that use's Kinect is bad or mediocre. The only decent game is Dance Central and that does not justify owning Kinect.

You can safely get rid of it. You will not regret it.

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Strap some M80's to it and watch the plastic and cheap hardware fly!

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If you have tiny children, keep it.

If you want to play actual games and not have to contend with poor quality shovelware and unresponsive controls, dump the f***ing thing at the very first opportunity.

It's an awful (and unfortunately succesfull) attempt to rope in casual gamers who don't know any better, bless 'em