I scratched off the code on my Xbox live points card

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#1 Posted by RamboSymbiot (6302 posts) -

Man this is some BS. I just got a 2800 live points card and ended up scratchin of the code. I used a ****ing nickle. What is this crap. EB games wont give me a refund. This **** happen to anyone else? Can you call 1-800-4MYXBOX for this type of issue?

This ****ing card cost me 30 bucks. I want my points damn it!

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#2 Posted by Ghost_702 (7405 posts) -
How exactly do you scratch off the code? I have never heard of this before.
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#3 Posted by mfp16 (4551 posts) -
that really bites dude... but seriously how hard did you scratch to take the code off (and why did you continue to scratch that hard after you saw it was coming off)
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Try to return it... 50/50 chance depending on who your clerk at the store is. Just try it on a different day when there is someone else working there.
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Yeah, those cards are complete garbage. they really needed to make sure the numbers/letters couldn't get scratched off. I scratched part of mine off once, but I was still able to figure out what it said and only had to guess on one of the letters.
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call MS, there is a code beside the pin, i m pretty sure they will use that code to give you your serial number for the points. all hope isnt lost.
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that happened to me too MS wont give a refund and they say there is no way of tracking it (yeah right) and told me to go back to to the store I got it from to exchange it. the store said they dont exchange things like that UNTIL I RAISED H@LL then they did so you might have to have it out with the store you got it from but according to MS they have to exchange it
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#9 Posted by RamboSymbiot (6302 posts) -

The store I got it from (Microplay) wouldnt give me a refund. So I called 1-800-4MYXBOX and they wouldnt do **** for me either.

So here I am stuck with a useless 2800 points card.

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Happened to me also with a 1600 point card. However the newer cards that are out are NOT covered anymore with that silver coating. That's probably because M$ had too many calls and complaints on the coating not coming off the numbers, but the numbers coming off with the coating. :evil:
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#11 Posted by SpoonsAndForks (25 posts) -

So here I am stuck with a useless 2800 points card.


Dude just sell it on ebay and get another one.

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#12 Posted by ricketyrack (557 posts) -
my mate did that with a WoW pre-paid card but he got sent another one.
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#13 Posted by mohfrontline (5678 posts) -
how hard did you scratch it??
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How many characters did you scratch off? Can't you just guess if it's not a lot?
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#16 Posted by BIGKILLA (795 posts) -

So here I am stuck with a useless 2800 points card.


Dude just sell it on ebay and get another one.

....You are one of the reasons why some people don't buy things on Ebay anymore.

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#17 Posted by scotty992 (2388 posts) -
Happened to me before jsut keep gussing the digits you cant see till you get it.
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Lol I guess you cant do anything about it now