GTAV mega cash glitch

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I have recently had a 2 week break from playing GTAV online as I was moving house and waiting for my WiFi to get reconnected. Back up and running 2 days ago so I switched on my Xbox 360 and downloaded the recent updates I'd missed, jumped online and started playing. Stole a car and as the cops were chasing me I started getting major cash injections. 3 in total I think, the first one was around $300,000,000. The next about $500,000,00 and the last about $750,000,000. I've still got all the money (minus a few million I spent on vehicles and weapons straight away just in case it all disappeared for some reason). Anyone else experience this?

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Same happened to me modders are giving out free money. I've gotten 2.5 billion given to me they just do it, I never asked for any.

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And they place mega high bounties, too. I'll often see $¼billion bounties placed on people.