Don't be a moron like me and end up blowing your power brick

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I live in India and a friend imported a Xbox One from US which I bought from him at a fair price. Now here's a nice kicker, apparently all the US model's power bricks are 100-127v whereas all EU/Asia models are 110-240v. Anyone see where I'm going with this? I plugged in a 100-127v power brick to a 220v outlet, and the next thing I see is a huge amount of smoke coming out of the brick and the damn thing is useless. So here I am sitting with a brand new X1 without a working power brick.

In my defence, MS is a moron. Almost everything I've bought supports universal voltage (I mean the EU/Asia model supports...why can't the US ones? Surely it doesn't save them a dime) so I didn't really bother to check with it much.

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Not, IMO you should have checked the specs. making the power supply support universal voltages would have cost more and made the power supply much larger!

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No, you had it right the first time, you're a moron

It's so freaking basic to check voltages when you're dealing with other countries

Wow.......just wow

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That sucks

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Totally agree with what everyone has said.

The first thing you do when using electronics from other countries is check voltages.

You deserved it, sorry man.

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Never plug stuff like that directly into a wall. There's power strips for a reason.

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@Spike1988: Perhaps, hence the "I'm a moron" part.

@driftingsilvia: Wouldn't have made a difference :P, power strips are not transformers

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@gigatrainer: dont worry Man!!!even i had the same issue...:-) and i did blew up my power brick..But dont worry. There are 2 options

Inform microsoft Support , that you have this issue(its not working) and get it replaced...(i have bought a 3 Year, extended warranty as well)

"The best part is that...nothing would have happened with your Console... " its just a capacitor which might have got affected. You can give it to a pure/good hard ware guy you trust and tell him to replace the capacitor. People might tell that it might devoid the warranty, in my opinion, it wont..atleast its good for next one the time xbox one would be available in india and you can use that..

Get a 110-220 V step down transformer(250 W would do) and right away start gaming

Let me know if you need more help..



Bangalore, India

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Thanks! I got a replacement power brick from a friend and it's working fine with a 220-110v step down transformer, it's awesome!

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idiot.... every country dont have same amount type of outlets.

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figured with the external huge size of the power brick that it would be dual voltage. I mean why the hell is that stupid thing so big and heavy to begin with. PS3/4 dont have that, and manage to build a smaller console

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@Jaysonguy said:

No, you had it right the first time, you're a moron

It's so freaking basic to check voltages when you're dealing with other countries

Wow.......just wow


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So dumb how it just have an automatic switch or even a manual one, such an easy thing to do.

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It is not uncommon for electrical devices to not be unverisal particularly if they sell different versions for different region, I don't think you can attach any blame to MS on this. I'm glad it got sorted out without too much trouble, just glad nobody got hurt when you plugged in the brick the first time. It can make electrical capcitors explode or cause fires .

Hope your enjoying the console and at least maybe your post will stop someone else making the same silly mistake.

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lol im laughing my behind off , literally , how old are you , ya old enough to know not to plug in devices from the us until you verified that the outlets in the country are putting out the right voltage and what not , lol

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so whats up with dual voltage devices. why couldnt this heavy external brick offer dual voltage?