Change my Xbox 360 back to AV from HDMI?

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so... my friend borrowed my Xbox 360 for a couple of days and i just got it back today, my friend has a HDMI input on his TV but i have a AV input on my TV so now that ive got my Xbox back its like its stil set to HDMI so my question is how do i change it back to AV?
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Basically, you're supposed to hold the Y button down while turning on the system with whatever controller is used to turn on the system. Use the guide button to turn it on, hold Y right after, and make sure no game disk is in the drive.

Edit: Sorry, I didn't pay enough attention to what it says in the link:

While the console is starting, press and hold the Y button and pull the right trigger at the same time. Continue holding the buttons when you see the Xbox 360 logo.

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Doesnt seem to be working, the green lights on the controller and the Xbox blinks but nothing appears on the AV channel
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You did re-sync your remote and system right???

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If you're using the standard Red/White/Yellow - Red/Green/Blue cables - at least the ones that came with my 360 - had a slider for TV or HDTV - maybe it needs to be set back to TV - making sure the red/white/yellow are the only ones plugged in. If you get a signal that way, you can then remove the yellow for video, plug the red-green-blue plugs back in - switch the slider back to HDTV - and turn it on again.
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yea no need to do any settings for the x box..its ur TV.. just turn the tv into AV mode not HDMI;)