Can you explain the Lego Star Wars 360 games for me?

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I was under the impression that the Complete Saga was Lego Star Wars 1 and 2 from the PS2, but Ive been seeing copies of lego star wars 2 for 360, so is it a seperate game? or is it in the complete saga as well? If it is how do I know when Im playing game 1 and game 2? and also is Lego Star wars 3 a completely seperate game thats not on the complete saga?, I hope that makes sense, Im not really into star wars or else I could probably explain it better. Thanks
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Off the top of my head I believe there was a Lego Star Wars released for the 360 prior to the Complete Saga, though they aren't nearly as common. I don't think they have any content not found in the complete version, so there's no reason to get the second game (complete saga includes both 1 and 2's content plus some extras). The only other Lego Star Wars game is the Clone Wars one, which I think is tagged 3. It's different again.
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From my xbox experience: Lego Star Wars was Episodes 1,2,3 on the xbox. Lego Star Wars 2 was Episodes 4,5,6 on the xbox360. The Complete Saga was all the episodes with little extra on the 360. And recently there was Lego Star Wars The Clone Wars which has none of the episodes.
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Yeah basically the complete saga just combines Lego Star Wars 1 and 2 into one package. There is a central hub type cantina where you select between the 6 episodes, buy stuff, and interact with stuff.

I'm guessing at some point they will do the same with both of the Lego Harry Potter games.