Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Massive Leak

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As you folks know the Advanced Warfare Multiplayer will be revealed tomorrow, it’s not a big deal post this infos only a day before the event but I think this would be nice for Call of Duty fans.

Well, first of all, I don’t have videos, screenshots, on any photo of the game production, so I can’t prove to you guys that I’m right, but we are just a few hours from the reveal so will not be a torture waiting to see if I’m right. Of course you guys can disagree and ask for the point of posting this too late and I can’t answering it, who wants to believe go ahead, who thinks that I’m just an ass that need attention –witch I’m totally understand – just leave this page and come back after the event.

So here’s the infos that I’ve got from Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Multiplayer:

First things first, exoskeleton suits:

-Characters custumizations are here to stay, now further than change your soldier’s uniform, you can customize all your exoskeleton, color, etc, so yeah, you can expect marijuana DLC for your exosuit.

-EVERY SINGLE ONE has the power of double jump and dash, this comes by default and you can’t remove it for more points (I will explain the points later). No limits for the double jump, you can do it every time you want to with no delay, but with the dash you have to wait a few seconds before using it again, but It’s unlimited, use it as many times you want in the map. Also for the dash, you can’t do it forward, if you use the button to dash forward you will just run, in the ground you can only dash for sides and back, BUT if you are jumping or falling you have the ability of dashing forward.

-Yes, EMP grenades can disable your exoskeleton abilities, aka dash and double jump.

-Your exoskeleton’s abilities show your position in enemies mini-map

-BUT you can upgrade your exoskeleton suit and use an “special perk” to remove the noise from the armor and you will be hiding while jumping infinite times by the map.

-You don’t like all this exosuit stuff? Alright, we have the “Classic Playlist” this ones will be setting players in the same maps but without the exoskeleton suit.

Let’s talk about create-a-class:

-Pick 10 is back, but it’s Pick 13 now. Hey hey, calm down boys, this not mean 3 extra points creating your class, you will just have more options of customization and abdicate stuffs for your style of game.

-Scorestreaks are now counting in the picks, so you will have the option to use only two scorestreaks to have an extra point, or just leave it all for spending points in your perks.

-Wildcards are back too, so you will have more options in perks, exosuit and of course, 4 scorestreaks if you want to.

-Talking in scorestreaks, they will also have upgrades, for example, you can upgrade an UAV two or three times and will be turned in a specie of Blackbird, or Advanced UAV. Of course, upgrading your scoretreaks will ask for more points to acquire them on multiplayer.

-No more tactical grenades slots, you will just have one grenade slot (of course you have the option of one wildcard), tactical and lethal grenades are on the same categories, you will have to choose one of them.


-Dropbox, You will receive rewards for accomplishing some challenges, this will be called dropbox, a kind of what you see in Battlefield 4 with battlepacks, but you will unlock guns with special stats, like you can unlock a MP5 with more damage but with less range, of course you still have the power of putting attachments in there and use this stats in your favor.

-All attachments unlocked since beginning for every weapon.

-As in Black Ops II, Sleight of Hand, Stalker and Steady Aim are in the game but as attachments, Stock, Laser Sight, etc…

-The end of an era, one new attachment will gave the ability of spotting players with suppressor on the mini-map.

-LMG and Laser Gun are in Heavy Weapon category.

-Snipers killing in one shot but it’s not so easy to use.

Some Curiosities:

-Next gen CoD will have as default the 9x9 playlist, TDM, Domination, Kill Confirmed, all modes that before was on 6x6 will now working with nine versus nine players.

-One of the exoskeleton suits abilities: Cloak, about 10 seconds of invisibility but if you shoot you lose it.

-Care Package is back.

-Orange hitmarker is back.

-You see it on trailer but Advanced Warfare is not this “levolutioning”, you will have some special events in some maps but this will not create much trouble as for example the “tsunami” in the last trailer will not cover a big area, but you will see volcanoes and other nice stuffs.

-Hip Fire it’s a kind of annoying.

-Titan scorestreak, big as ****.

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If this is true it sounds very disappointing, CoD was better when things were simpler ala CoD 4 rather than when it added all the superfluous nonsense.

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I Told you ;)

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@tapawski said:

I Told you ;)

Yeah, but's it's not like everybody is overwhelmed by this years COD. I'm not gonna bash it because mostlikely I'm going to get but there's no way I'm getting it at launch.....probably once there's a price drop.

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@tapawski: Right

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@tapawski: Right