Best way to sell an Original Xbox Launch Team SE console?

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I was a team member of the original Xbox launch team in 2001 and we got a cool console signed by Bill Gates as our ship gift. And for 8 years now it's been packed away in a box. Clearly I don't appreciate this piece of history so I figure I should auction it off to someone who will. Curious people's thoughts on the best way to let people know (e.g. is this forum a good way?), thes best words to use (e.g. "Original Xbox Launch Team Console") and the best way to sell it (e.g. was planning on using eBay). Thanks for any thoughts or ideas.

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Wow! That's pretty cool dude. If you don't mind my asking... what was your position on the og Xbox dev team back in the J Allard days, lol? It's gonna be tough selling that for what you SHOULD get for it. Clearly a console collector would love to have it and they would be the ones to give you the kind of money it would be worth. I would say ebay, but then you may get short changed if a collector isn't looking at systems that week. I'd put it on ebay but if the price isn't anywhere near where you want it, cancel the auction. And just be sure to check with ebay about when you're able to cancel an auction up to. It used to be that you couldn't cancel it in the last 12 hours, but it may have changed.

Definitely don't go through Craigs List.

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Ill give you $20.00 for it! PM me

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@xoolander: That thing looks awesome. The best way is probably to put it up on ebay... or sell it to me. Id give it all the appreciation that it needs!

Any idea of a price you could let it go for?

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*Wipes tears from my eyes* That picture brings back some AWESOME memories. In fact i think i still have my original Xbox somewhere around the house. Mate to be honest try ebay like mentioned above and people will hate me for suggesting this but just keep it man, you were part of the Dev Team for the original Xbox, every time you look at it you must feel some sort or pride, view it as a trophy and best of luck with it if you go through with selling it.