Ally achievement on Mass Effect

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I recently beat Mass Effect with the Krogan and Turian in my party the entire game and I didn't get the achievement for either one, I was wondering if I missed something or need to do something else to get the achievement?

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i have the same problem. I beat the game with Tali and the Liara.
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#3 Posted by Aravix (1282 posts) -
I don't have any ally achievements yet, but I think you might have to beat the majority of the game or whatever, meaning the side-quests, etc.
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you have to beat somewhere around 45 side missions and then the main quest to "beat the majority of the game". Also this acheivement is a little buggy. I got the Ally achievement with one character, but not the other character (both of them were in my party from start).

In the end i got an Ally achievement and Completionist (i think it was human ally or something... it was the girl).

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You have to beat the majority of the game with them to get it. Which is beat the main game and something like 42 side missions.
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You have to play more than 75% of the entire game (This includes side missions) with that ally.
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you can only get it for one of your extra characters. So if you had the two characters in your party for equal time you won't get the achievement. try it with just one consistent character next time, or go to a game save later in the game and try change out one of your friends for the last bit. good luck.
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You have to beat the side missions with them too.