Best artilary game ever

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artilary game evers

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@superdav42: d


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I'm not a bot

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Had tons of fun playing this back in the day. A really amazing game for when it was released and a great concept that lives on. Worms really is an important piece of gaming history.

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The game that got me into gaming. A fun packed platformer that will remain a staple of developer ingenuity. It truly is a must play.

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Superb game. Lots of fun to play with friends and really funny at the same time. I really don't think there is a gamer from the 90's that did not enjoy this game. What made this game so good and fun to play was its simplicity. Anyone could enjoy it.

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I've been playing this pretty much on and off since it came out..... can hardly believe this game was released in 1995. An awesome game, great developers, amazing idea and flawless gameplay. To me this is one of the best games ever made. And the fact that it's simplistic makes it even more awesome.

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The game has a wicked sense of humor, incorporating hilarious cut scenes between loading matches, ones which feature the worms at war with each other and acting out things you can do in the game, such as teleporting, but messing up and falling onto a mine field. The voices for the worms are so cute that it is a ridiculous juxtaposition to the rest of the gameplay. A great game.

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best game ever