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WHFB 8th Edition was recently released and I haven't gotten a copy yet. If anyone has and would like to share their thoughts on how the rules stack up to prior editions, please speak up, I for one would love to hear about it before I get mine (not that it will likely change whether or not I get it, but I would like to hear about it and what everyone thinks anyway).
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ill check on that


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For anyone who is interested, I got the WHFB 8th Edition rulebook (the full one, not the starter set one, so I got all the fluff, scenarios, etc.). I have also played a little under 8th edition now too. The rulebook is in my opinion probably the best written (or at least really close) rulebook that GW has ever published. The rules are clear, fairly concise, are presented logically and read well. There were also no rules that totally jumped out at me as being broken or unbalancing. Overall, the rules are a relatively minor shift from 7th edition, although there are a few changes that are somewhat substantial. If there is interest from the union I'll be happy to talk about the changes (and answer any specific questions folks have).