Would Titanflop even do well on PS4 either?

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Its no secret that despite the constant talk by MS and EA the "hype" for Titanfall is not being reflected by the masses. Pre-orders are terrible. But how bad are they? Are they much better on PC and 360? The problem I saw with Titanfall is it chose the console which will obviously have the smallest online community of the two consoles but low pre-orders on the other systems.

Picking the console it did will obviously make it the biggest flop of 2014 anyway but would being on PS4 help it sell any better anyway?

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Cows would be in tears of joy if it was coming to PS4.

This gif is better than this thread.

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Pathetic thread. Seriously. Titanfall will sell spectacularly, but for now its all about the console launches. Games that win over 75 awards and game of show at every convention it attends tend to do pretty well.

Since this will likely get locked, heres some a pic :)

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Call of Duty with jetpacks............lol

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Pre-orders are bad because the release date is pretty far away. They'll pick up when it gets closer. It's Call of Duty with mechs. People will eat that shit up and ask for seconds.

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This has got to be the funniest butthurt post I have read this month.

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Keep getting butthurt. It is really satisfying, I can really sense you want the game. Too bad you can't have it on the PS4.

As for me, I'm buying both consoles so I've got nothing to worry about.

Also, why the hell would anybody in their right mind pre-order Titanfall without having the Xbox One yet? People need to see if their will be issues with the console first before ever thinking of doing such a thing, aside from the fact that the console has not even launched yet(where most likely a majority of pre-orders will take place), the release date is still 4 months away.

No reason to pre-order this early.

Typical Sony Fanboy. The reason why people are bashing the PS4 right now though is because of people like you, during the past months Sony fanboys have really been very obnoxious.

Titanfall has been hyped up by tons of people. You can't deny it unless you are blinded by your fanboyism.

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my god cows are on total damage control and butthurting this week.

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A game that is nearly half a year away from release has low pre-orders?

No shit, Einstein.

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@DarkLink77 said:

Pre-orders are bad because the release date is pretty far away. They'll pick up when it gets closer. It's Call of Duty with mechs. EA hope people will eat that shit up and ask for seconds.

Fixed that for you. Seriously interest won't just go up as release nears. GTA V and CoD got pre-orders the second they popped up. CoD with mechs is just another cheap imitation as far as people are concerned. Lemmings wish it could be CoD level but no. Being online only will just make it especially harder to even sniff CoD let alone beat it.

Titanflop is guaranteed to fail. Its a very bad business decision on MS' part. The game having bad pre-orders indicates it wasn't wise to invest in keeping a game few care about rather then investing that money into a new game.

MS will regret it when it doesn't live up to their (or more importantly EA's) expectations. As said above it is also a bad business decision on EA's part keeping it off the console which has received far more interest from the masses.